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Dragon Tooth

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Dragon Tooth (Succulent, Rare)

Dragon Tooth by Rexard
The Dragon Tooth is a diminutive succulent with a pale, whitish hue, taking on the form of a pointed tooth. Beneath the surface, a slender root extends horizontally, giving rise to fresh Dragon Tooth plants at approximately one-inch intervals. This arrangement resembles a line of dragon teeth, neatly aligned.
  Size: Tiny   Bloom: During spring, each plant adorns itself with a circlet of petite crimson leaves, resembling the appearance of tiny, bleeding teeth.   Seeds: None. Each month, a fresh plant sprouts along the root, adding to their numbers steadily.  


To cultivate the Dragon Tooth, transplant a solitary plant into arid soil blended with sand. Spritz it with water once a month. It can withstand scorching sunlight and enters dormancy during freezing weather.  


  Pythomancy (Average): The plant's growth rate experiences a remarkable acceleration. Planting a single Dragon Tooth in the soil and providing it with a generous spray of water will rapidly blanket several square meters of the ground with its jagged teeth.   Pythomancy (Challenging): The plant's growth rate undergoes a dramatic surge. Immersing the Dragon Tooth in water prompts its root to extend approximately three yards, with new plants sprouting quickly at regular intervals. The root exhibits considerable resistance to tearing.

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