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Silent Blades

Deadly assassins hidden from the people's eyes


"This cave 'ere, 'tis the lair of ancient, murderous shadows, shadows that roam the streets at night, killing those who are unfortunate enough to cross their path...

Pfeh, those are just legends, of course..."
— Nancy Awvrey, owner of the Cloak & Dagger

Once part of The Resistance that fought for the freedom of the Kingdom of Archana, the Silent Blades are now a secret organization hidden below Blackbourne, working for the crown with the objective of eliminating political threats. Raised under constant and rigorous training for centuries, these people have become the rare Drow, specialists of shadow and assassination. They might be few, but they are the best at what they do.


The Silent Blades are divided in small groups of Adepts led by the most skilled drow among them, the Veteran. Above these Squads there is the Master, the leader of the order, who is the best assassin they have to offer, and also has a squad of their own, known as their Personal Guard.

The contracts the drow receive are handed to the Master through a messenger from their personal guard. Then, they pass it along to the available Veteran they deem the most capable to conduct such a task, who will do so. In the event the current Master dies, the Veterans who want to have the seat may fight and kill in a game of survival. The last one standing is the new Master. But if a squad leader wants to take the throne by force, they may challenge the Master with their squad as a backup. If the leader falls, the entire squad is killed. If the leader wins, they will be the new Master and their personal guard.

The Master’s Guard are guardians of their headquarters, the voice, and ears of the Master and, if necessary, extremely capable solo agents. They pass along orders to the Veterans, who, in turn, are responsible for the leadership and the training of their respective Adepts. The Veterans answer directly to the guard and, like the Adepts, have little to no contact with the Master.

The Adepts’ training is harsh and unforgiving. They are raised to be assassins since birth, and except for fearing the Light, there’s nothing else they know about. This helps to keep them indoctrinated, obedient and relentless, which is what they need to be in order to conduct their contracts flawlessly.

Public Agenda

There is nothing "public" as far as their agenda goes. The Silent Blades work for the King and any other governing figure below him - as long as they have his permission, of course.


The Blades don't have much - if anything. The food, clothes and equipment they need are provided by the Count of Blackbourne, and nothing else.

Their headquarters is inside the caves of Devin's Retreat, below Blackbourne. There are only two accessible entryways: the original one by the Black River's mouth, guarded by the Cloak & Dagger Inn; and a secret passage dug not far from the Keep, for the Count's men to use. Despite the large available space underground, the Silent Blades' ranks are few. Besides the Master and their guard, there are currently 7 squads, each varying between 4 and 6 Adepts plus a Veteran.

The Blade of Liberation is a sword used by the first leader of the Silent Blades, Douglas Devin. It is said this sword contains a great power, but none has seen it in the last decades, as the Blade of Liberation is an artifact handed to the Master only, who rarely leaves the headquarters.


Not much has changed inside the Blades through the decades. Under the leadership of Douglas Devin, they were created back during the days of Arcanopia as a division of the Resistance in charge of stealth operations, espionage and assassination.

As their objective was fulfilled and Archana was set free, King Charles Maine moved the Silent Blades back to their hideout in Blackbourne's underground, where they would stay to practice and be used as a trump card when the time arises. They were free to come and go at first, but as their operations expanded to international espionage and the elimination of Artalgnian spies, they needed to focus harder on their training in order to make up for their fewer numbers from back in the day.

As time went by and so did the rulers of Archana, the responsibilities and burdens the Blades carried grew, until they were figuratively locked in the underground to be under constant training. Their traditions got harsher and they quickly changed, until they took the appearance they have today.

Guild, Assassins
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s. Blade; pl. Blades
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