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Master (of the Silent Blades)

The unquestioned leader of the Drow assassins


"No one challenge Master. All have no chance.

Give up or she gut you."
— scribbles by Slythe

Leading the ruthless secret order of the Silent Blades, the Master is an unmatched assassin, overseeing that every death contract is met, and holding the secrets of the legendary Blade of Liberation.


There aren't any set requirements of skill or knowledge, though only the most capable of the assassins are able to conquer the role of master. Be it through skill, deception, cunning, or sheer strength, only the best can overcome the ritual of ascension and take the lead of the order.


Often only the Veterans take part in the ritual since they are already seen as the best assassins of the Blades, but in practice even the Adepts may take up the challenge.


When a Master dies, the Veterans who want to take their mantle fight in a battle to the death, and the last surviving contender succeeds the previous Master. Alternatively, the current Master may be challenged anytime for a heads-on duel, with their respective Squads.


The Master of the Blades needs to make sure all and every contracts the order receives is fullfilled successfully. Whether it's the Master themself who carries it or another assassin, if a contract fails the responsibility falls on the Master's head.


The Master takes new contracts brought in by their personal guard and passes them down to the Veterans, but they may carry a contract themselves if they find it too difficult or too important for lesser assassins to take. They are also responsible for the punishment of anyone who defies the order, and for making sure the Veterans are training their Adepts properly.


There aren't many benefits to a Master, much as there aren't benefits for being part of the Blades at all. Still, the Master is the undisputed ruler over any members in the order, and also has a room for themself.

Accoutrements & Equipment

A Master's badge of office, the Blade of Liberation, together with its secrets, is passed down to anyone who assumes the role - and that's all.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The only way for a Master to lose their title is through death - be it natural, on duty, by another assassin or by the King/Queen themself.


The title was first taken by Douglas Devin, founder of the Silent Blades, but back then there wasn't much weight or complexity on it - it was just a name to call the leader of a rebellious bunch of trained assassins. Through the decades after the Resistance won Archana's independence, the role of Master grew to mean something else, much as the rest of the order grew more ruthless until it became what it is today.

Cultural Significance

Inside the Silent Blades, the Master is a figure of fear. No one dares defy the Master, or even speak to them. Whoever does, will have their lips stitched together, to never be opened again. Any further transgressions result in death. No one defies the Master.

In effect
301 AE
Source of Authority
Length of Term
First Holder
Reports directly to
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