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Theodore Richelieu

Count of the port city of Blackbourne

Count Theodore Richelieu


"I don't care what they did! They are ruining my empire and I want their heads on pikes NOW! Or perhaps you want yours instead of theirs..?"
— Theodore Richelieu

Certainly the most controversial pick among the Counts, Theodore Richelieu of Blackbourne is a noble-born who came from the Capital under the promisse that he would solve the criminality problem in the city. The Blackbay Security Patrol was his first solution, but Blackbourne is still far from salvation.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Theodore's health isn't anything to be praised. His obesity heavily hinders his ability to move freely through the castle and also affects his heart, that is danger of failing. He gets sick rather often, too, as his eating habits are poor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Theodore was born in a noble family from Nouvemond and was raised as a ruler, to become a ruler. He had everything he wanted, did everything he wanted, and became everything he wanted. As he had no chances to take the throne of the King, he realized that a Count was his best shot. In the chaos that Blackbourne was, it was a target ripe for the taking, since the other cities already had their favorite picks.

He did all the talking and boot licking he needed in to get into the King's good side until he was finally chosen under the promise that he was the solution to all of Blackbourne's problems. As the new Count, Theodore reinforced the idea that the pirates were to blame for Blackbourne's decay, and founded the Blackbay Security Patrol, also known as the Blackguard, to counterwork the outlaws.

A harsh campaign began against the pirates and everything that related to them as the Blackguard, under Theodore's orders, was swiping the city trying to bring down their foes. As the years passed, some few remaining pirates were becoming hard find and arrest, as they could use magic to hide and escape, or retreated to their heavily protected and dangerous neighborhoods. Using that as an excuse, Theodore had the Blackguard trying to force by any means necessary any suspects of involvement with the pirates to expose their hideouts and weaknesses, and many innocents suffered from that.

Because of the actions of the Blackguard, it all spiraled down into a corrupt system of extortion that steals more from the poor to be given to the elite - especially Theodore. Alongside many other corrupt schemes of the Count, many have begun to voice their distaste towards Theodore, all which he dismisses as pirate sympathizers and order the Blackguard to hunt down.

Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
456 AE 39 Years old
Presented Sex
Black, Thin, Neck-long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
111 kg
Aligned Organization
Family & Relations

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