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Veteran (of the Silent Blades)

High-ranking assassins from the Silent Blades


"Slythe, I will grant you the opportunity to be something a little above trash. We have received a contract from the Count himself... So this is important. Kill this scum, and I will make you a Veteran."
— Master of the Silent Blades

Veterans are the squad leaders of the Silent Blades, some of the best assassins in the order, resposible for the training of their Adepts and the successful accomplishment of their groups' missions.


A Drow must be one of the best and most experienced among their peers to have the chance to become a Veteran. They will need to lead their own squad, so showing they can remain calm and have success whatever the contract is key to be chosen.


There are no ceremonies at all to promote an Adept to Veteran, but there is a certain procedure. When there are enough Adepts to form a new squad, the Master chooses among them or among the other more promising Adepts who will be the candidate for Veteran and send them in the squad's first contract. If they return successful, they are officialized as Veteran and squad.


Veterans are tasked with the leadership of their respective squads, along with their training and of the Initiates.


It can hardly be considered a benefit, but once and Adept ranks up to Veteran, they are finally free of the literally torturous training sessions. Along with a position of authority, that is all that can be said in regards to benefits for Veterans.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death or ranking up are the only ways a drow can lose this title. They can't the demoted nor can they be expelled from the Blades, in their culture death is the only alternative for more serious transgressions.


The role of Veterans was created later on in the Blades' history in order to better organize the squads and to free the Master from some of the responsibilities of the role. There haven't been any significant changes since then.

Cultural Significance

While those with this rank are only below the Master and their guard, a Veteran isn't treated as a high-ranking member internally. The Master is still the undisputed ruler and a post too far to reach - the Veteran is more of a glorified Adept. Still, they are respected and feared by the lower ranks, since disobedience towards a Veteran is disobedience towards the Master themself.

In effect
316 AE
Source of Authority
The Master
Length of Term
Lifelong (or until earns another rank)
Reports directly to
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations

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