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Devin's Retreat

Hideout of the Silent Blades, home of the Cloak & Dagger


" 'Tis just a cave, yeah, but a cave with a lotta history innit..."
— Nancy Auvrey, owner of the Cloak & Dagger

Famous home to the Cloak & Dagger tavern, and also secretly home to the Silent Blades, Devin's Retreat is a small artificial cave system under Blackbourne, following the Black River. The mouth of the cave is praised by the exotic vista it creates in union with the tavern.


During the early expansions of the city, a nearly dry river crossing the middle of Blackbourne proved to be inconvenient and unnecessary, as none could make real use of those waters. For this reason, the local population used Earth magic to cover the it up so they could build over it, forming an underground tunnel where the stream could run.

The river was already fully recovered a couple centuries later, when between Krenjor's attacks at Blackbourne and the Artalgnian Empire's rule over the land, a man known as Devin lead some civilians into the underground where they would be safe. Through decades they dug tunnels to accommodate more refugees, expanding the place.

With this, the small cave system was formed, covering the surroundings of the main cave where the Black River goes through.

Fauna & Flora

As they were artificially made, the wildlife in the caves doesn't have a large presence. Small crustaceans that came from the ocean can be found near the river and its mouth, but only slime and mold deeper in.

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