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Initiate (of the Silent Blades)

Drow assassins in training


"Born into a life of killing and servitude? This is... I... I can't believe my father knows of this. He mustn't. We must bring this to him and end it NOW."
— Robin Maine, Princess of Archana

Born in the depths of Devin's Retreat, the Initiates of the Silent Blades are assassins in training, children raised to fight and kill who will never see the light of day.


There can't be a non-Drow Initiate - they must be born into the order, annd only members of this race exist there.


As enforced by the Veterans, all Initiates must do nothing much but train to become the best assassins they can be by when they turn 15.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It isn't rare that an Initiate defies the Veterans and refuse to do their training - and all those who do not comply even after scolding are punished with death: the only way to stop being an Initiate.


After the founding of the Kingdom of Archana, no one else was permitted to join the Silent Blades and their existence was kept a secret. In time, it was just natural that their numbers began to dwindle. When the successor of Douglas Devin came to power, he decided that they had to start training their offspring for the good of the order, and then the first Initiates were born.

Cultural Significance

Much like the Adepts, Initiates are treated like slaves, their existence serving only to train their killing instincts. They have no rights and must obey the Veterans and the Master, no matter the order.

In effect
344 AE
Length of Term
Until 15 years old
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

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