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Squads (of the Silent Blades)

Small groups of assassins of the Silent Blades


"I instruct my people to never wander by themselves. The government is sending assassins behind us, and I don't want any of my crew getting killed by a bunch to cutthroats."
— Alwer Deepsea, Captain of the Maelstrom

When receiving a contract, the Silent Blades always sends a set number agents who are already used to working in a group. These are the squads, who train together, kill together, and die together.



There is currently a total of 7 squads in the order, each composed of a Veteran and around 4 to 6 Adepts, (two squads of 4, two of 6 and three of 5) for a total of 42 active agents.


Each Adept and Veteran receives a personal uniform and pair of daggers, but there are other equipment for special operations available in their hideout, such as ropes, hooks, other melee and ranged weapons, disguises, potions, smoke bombs, etc.


A Veteran is the leader of a squad of Adepts. The Veteran is always the best and most able assassin of the bunch, who receives the orders from the Master and carries it down to the Adepts. Culturally, the Veteran isn't a position of respect, they are just glorified Adepts, but none dares defy them as they receive their orders directly from the Master of the order.


During missions of assassination, the squads often surround their target(s), trying to kill them before they realize, be it through stealth or disguise. In case this fails and they are detected, they attack from different angles in order to make it harder for the target(s) to make a stand.


Even though the training after one joins a squad is not as harsh after before the joining, Adepts must still train every day under the threat of punishment. There are many areas that the members of a squad need to train and excel at. Their balance must be flawless, their stamina as durable as possible, their hand-eye coordination sharp, their acrobatics skills perfect. And while in practice melee fights are rarely necessary, they have to keep this skill sharp, as if everything else fails they need to be able to stand their ground.

In order to achieve all of this, they go through a series of dangerous, life-threatening training sessions. Balancing and tumbling on ropes over pits of spikes, dodging arrow shots, climbing walls without any equipment, and their fights are all using sharp weapons.


The squads system of the Silent Blades was conceived in 316 AE, together with the Veteran role and the formalization of the Adepts, in order to have small teams of assassins that work very well together, better than a bunch of solo agents. The size and roles each one had changed through the decades, adapting to the order's needs.

Covert Ops
316 AE
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