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Pearlybay Palace

Blackbourne's castle, home of the local Count

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping to name this location


"Wretched noble. He locks himself up in his castle while stealing the money from us."
— Alwer Deepsea, Captain of the Maelstrom

Sitting on the highest spot of Blackbourne, the Pearlybay Palace is the home of Count Theodore Richelieu, ruler of the city. This keep overlooks the entire port from its location, just as it can be spotted from anywhere in the city.


Purpose / Function

The Palace was built to house and protect the rulers of Blackbourne from any threats. It also used to represent the vibrant life of the city before it became plagued by crime.


Unlike most of the other keeps, the Pearlybay Palace was not made using the telling style of the Dwarves, but of smaller stone bricks stacked on each other. It used to be tinted with soft, light colors, but the paint peeled off decades ago as the city's glory declined.

Parent Location
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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