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Sikíron Empire

Sikíronian: Sikíron /sɪ:khi:rɔ:n/
Sikíron (sikírska)
Kadrían: Sikíron (archaic: Sikkíron) /sɪhki:rɔ:n/
Sikíron (góalverska)
Núrakic: Sikiron /sɪ:khɪ:rɔ:n/
Sikíron (núrakíska)
Halinkazían: Skironysía /skhɪ:rɔ:nɪsi:ja/
Skironysía (halinkazíska)

The Sikíron Empire (or simply Sikíron) is the largest country in Adynía, bordering Góalanis and Gysikan beyond the river Þerles to the east, the Sjorgús Mountains to the south, the Kingdom of Núrak to the west, Záal, Halinkazía and Gráhúlysía to the north, and controls much of the western Central Sea. The Azókan Islands are an autonomous region within the empire, as is the province of Narsía on the southwestern Meldon Plain.
Its capital and Adynía's largest city is Gedirkía, located on the Kóteran Peninsula at the heart of the empire.  


After the fall of the Paþarían Empire a millennia ago due to the emperor and much of the royal family perishing at sea, the remaining generals established their own dynasties and split the realm into several states. Among these states was Tirúlíon, ruling the Kóteran Peninsula and much of what used to be the eastern part of Paþaría.
During the eight century a. Paþ, the empress Þermantía II was murdered her relative Sarketor, who soon after declared himself a new emperor. He proved to be a poor ruler, sparking a revolt in the city of Kadría -headed by the siblings Ástía, Þrínus and Óþrus- which soon blew up into a full scale rebellion, ending with the death of Sarketor and Ástía crowned as the first empress of Sikíron.
Since then, the empire has expanded through a series of victories against the rival successor states to the point its even larger than old Paþaría in some respects. Its currently in the midst of a cold war with the Kingdom of Núrak and the Góalanic Federation.  




In general, sikíronian society consists of an upper class divided into two ranks and a lower class divided into six ranks depending on overall wealth, with slaves and freedmen at the bottom. While this system resembles that of the old Paþarían Empire, it allows for social mobility, which the older one lacked entirely. See more at Sikíronians.  


The emperors and empresses of the Sikíron Empire use the old Paþarían titles of alútíus and alútía, respectively. They rule for life, with the title passing down to the eldest child regardless of gender. They also serve as the high priest(ess) of the empire as a whole. The current ruler is Fertor alútíus.  


The empire is divided into nine provinces, each in charge of a member of the upper class, while the various towns and cities are overseen by local aristocratic families who have sworn fealty to the emperor.  
Covers the area north of the river Geþrus in western Nemirkía and the southeastern part of the Meldon Plain along Gold Sea coast, bordering Narsía to the west and Lower-Paríon to the north. Its main cities are Ahaþrys and Nális.  
Azókan Islands
Located in Central Sea, the islands form the easternmost part of the empire, and provide it with yellow marble, lead, olives and olive oil. Its capital is Fargútína on the largest island of Skeziran.  
Covers the eastern part of the Meldon Plain, bordering Upper-Paríon to the west. Its only major settlement is the city of Konn.  
Covers the area in eastern Nemirkía, between the rivers Helkan and Þerles, bordering Voðría to the west and Kóteran to the north. Its main city is Kadría.  
Covers the eponymous Kóteran Peninsula, bordering Kaþún to the south, with Gedirkía as its main city.  
Covers the northwestern Meldon Plain, along the river Kir, bordering Narsía and Andartis to the south and Upper-Paríon to the east. Its major city is Seylis.  
Covers the southwestern part of the Meldon Plain, bordering Andartis to the east and Lower-Paríon to the north. Lacking permanent settlements, its home to the fierce Narsíans, nomadic half-orcs who enjoy relative independence from the empire in exchange of keeping armies of the Kingdom of Núrak at bay.  
Covers the northern part of the Meldon Plain along the river Kir, bordering Aþrissía to the east, Andartis to the south and Lower-Paríon to the west. Its main city is Mílesis.  
Covers central Nemirkía, between the rivers Geþrus and Helkan, bordering Kaþún to the east and Andartis to the west. Its main city is Krelissía.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Falcon, swan, owl (gold, silver and copper coins, respectively).
Official Languages
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