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WorldEmber 2023

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Document Special Category
A total of 77 entries

20GY Geremwik Teg Logbook

The Homesick Halfling's Guide to the Citadel of the Wild

The Grimoire of Eldritch Shadows

The Splitting of the Evening Isles

The All-Year Ender Letters, address to "Fable"

On the History and State of Magic

Bestiary of The Pit - the lesser known creatures

Frith Rest Ye Merry Rabbitfolk - A Holiday Tale

Flavors of Huran: A Culinary Chronicle

Collected Letters of Satyan Windblown, Guardian; Vol. 1

Czono Vladimir’s letter to Cassius

The Homesick Halfling's Guide to the Northern Duchy

The Care of Mammal Children

Proclamation of Welcoming to the Kalazotz

Counterfeit Inspection Report

The Khartoum Trade Caravan Treaty Incident

Catalog of WILLOWISP merch?

The World-Traveller's Cookbook: Recipes of Etharai

M.O.D. Civil Defense Guide. How to Survive a dragon attack.

Réforme de la sécurité publique

A Research-Based Approach on the Education of Plane-Souls

The Sannian kidnapping announcement

So, You're an Intern? Part One: A Guide to the Library.

Mission Report: An Expedition to the Southern Ice Caps

A Reason-Based Approach to Understanding the Unknown

Doctor Despair's Arrest Warrant

The Lost's Guide to Surviving the Feywild

Gods and Men: The Truth of the Divine War

Bakagis Klatsch und Tratsch Nr. 2435