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The Khartoum Trade Caravan Treaty Incident

This record is to be attached to, and is part of, the trade Treaty with the region / city state of Khartoum in the area known as the Sudan.   During the meeting with Eschbach's town council (Maeven, Bjorn, Fleur) and the representatives of the Khartoum trade delegates (Hashim, Salma, Kamal & Abubaker), there was an incident involving a member of the party. This somewhat soured the events but in hindsight will not stop trade between both. In time, both parties hope to improve relations and what happened as a reminder to be careful of others that are not of the relevant ranks.   During the meeting, one of the delegates servants stepped forward, smoke billowing from a pipe in his mouth, dog at his side, leaning on a walking stick, and speaking in a language unknown to all involved. Switching to Frankish in a heartbeat he stated that his name was Papa Legba, and he was making sure that the deals here did not affect his peoples in the 'far west.' He had heard that the town of Eshbach acted as a haven for some of those that fought the darkness in the world, and didn't like it that ancient enemies of his people are now being awoke because of their actions.   Here he referred to a 'group of people' he referred to as Yuan-Ti. His hatred of these people was apparant and if the the right fetishes are used at a crossroads to the south east, he will return here when they call his name & the rites are led by a 'Matriarch.' He said he also knew of the city nearby that is rife of the Servants of the Snake.   He then turned and disappeared into the smoke from his pipe & the darkness, along with his dog not to be seen again.   Afterwards the air was thick with tension between both parties, though it has been noted that neither knew who this Papa Legba was. The treaty was still signed and awaiting finalisation by Lord Grimmaz Fyrwin.


To make a record of a strange incident that happened during a meeting with a trade caravan arriving in Eschbach from the city state Khartoum. It acts as a warning to be careful when dealing with the traders in the caravan, whether innocent or guilty of any crimes.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Stored in Eschbach, a copy has been made for the Roman Catholic Church & local pagan clerics, and another for the records of the Frankish Court.

Legal status

Marked as an attachment to the trafe treaty between the two parties, it is treated as an addendum, and something to be took into account if there is any further business with the Sudanese.

Historical Details


The interested parties still has no idea who this Papa Legba is or who his people in the west is.Al they know is it somehow involves the Servants of the Snake and the Yuan-Ti. These have been encountered, or at least mentioned in passing before in some way, and the tamperings of those heroes of Eschbach may have awoken some one or thing that has a vested interest on how they interact with the Yuan-Ti.
"I remember that. Strange for sure. Exactly who this Papa Legba is is another thing entirely. Where he comes from it is obviously somewhere in Africa. What he is is something else. My best guess is that he is some type of ancient entity, maybe even a deity to some group as yet unnamed, at least to us. Even saying that, there is a chance he has some type of divine power.   Have to mention too, Father Tossil and the monks there at the church were of no real use there. They have no record of such a being. That and they weren't aware of him being in town. As for the local clerics & druids though, and the Fey, they all picked up there was something that they sensed. They refused to come in or near the hall until a full day had passed. All of them we talked to said the same thing. Something powerful had been there and something that commanded respect. Something old & dangerous if crossed.   I hope we don't fall under his gaze again."   Bjorn speaking to a representative of Charlemagne's Court.
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
9th of April 801
Ratification Date
14th of April 501
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