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The Masters' Codex

A true relic of the fallen kingdom of Nel'Akhiron, this sacred document once set out the rules for the use of Zhak'raa, the system of magic used by the Akhir. It was originally put forth by the White Order as a means of maintaining control over Zhak'raa and the people of Nel'Akhiron.   Now, the document has nearly faded from memory, though some few may remember and hold true to the values that once governed all magic use in the Akhir empire.


When Zhak'raa entered the mainsteam and the empire of Nel'Akhiron began an aggressive campaign of expansion, it was decided by the White Order that there must be a well-established and firm set of rules that dictact what magic can and can't be used for. In this way, the Order wished to cement their ultimate power and avoid any rival organisations attempting to rise up and overthrow them.

Historical Details


The document coincided with a new strategy by the White Order to expand their dominion over the entire continent. They realised they could not stop the spread of Zhak'raa amongst the common people, so to retain their control they put forth a set of guidelines that governed the use of Zhak'raa throughout the empire.

Public Reaction

The public reception of the document was not well received and led to the creation of the Black Order, a splinter group of separatists that agreed the rules dictated in the Masters' Codex were far too restrictive, and that Zhak'raa ought to be equally as accessible to everyone. Ultimately, this resulted in the Tempest War which destroyed the empire.


The Masters' Codex is only one factor that led to the Tempest War, but an important one. It helped to create a rift in the empire, one that it did not recover from.   Few wizards still remember the guidelines of the Masters' Codex, and even fewer still live by them. These rules have little value to the scattered fragments of sequestered wizards, who now follow only the rules of their own cloisters.
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