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The Black Order

For centuries, the The White Order had maintained rule and expansion of the empire of Nel'Akhiron, but dissent grew among the outer reaches of the continent and the Black Order was formed as a direct opposition to everything the White Order sought to hold onto. They were the empire's main opponent in the Tempest War that eventually destroyed the kingdom.


By the time the White Order was pushing The Masters' Codex as a sacred document that dictated the use of Zhak'raa throughout the empire, anti-imperial sentiment had already been brewing in the fringes of the kingdom, who felt the mages' reach had already extended well beyond their grasp. They did not like the draconic and authoritarian rules placed upon them by a cloister of ancient wizards who had very little touch with society beyond the heartland of the empire.   When news reached the border lands that a new degree had gone out, one that was to be obeyed to the letter under threat of harsh punishment, it was all one kingdom needed before they made their pitch to secede from the empire, to govern themselves and their use of Zhak'raa. An extension of the Akhir military, led by General Vizhax, was sent to quell the insurrection.   Instead of crushing any attempted secession, the General offered their services to the nation. It is said there were those in his forces who attempted to capture the General on charges of treasons, but these were greatly outnumbered by the soldiers who were loyal to him and thus followed him in switching sides. This act of defiance helped spark the Tempest War.
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