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General Vizhax

A great warrior and hero of the Tempest War, the actions of General Vizhax helped set the stage for the largest military engagement and civil war Nel'Akhiron had ever seen.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

It is common knowledge that General Vizhax was not only a noble and clever leader, but also an extremely capable fighter. He had been trained from birth in both physical and magical forms of combat. He had an extremely high mental resilience and was gifted in the use of Zhak'raa. They were so skilled and able that he was one-day afforded the rank of General (the highest rank a civilian member of the public is able to attain, as they would never reach the rank of Azix'Nezar).

Personality Characteristics


General Vizhax became a figurehead for the separatist movement in Nel'Akhiron, leading the Black Order in their fight against the authoritarian rule of the White Order. He vehemently opposed the wizards responsible for governing the entire empire and sought to establish a new form of  government. Whatever his views and personal beliefs regarding Zhak'raa, he did not agree with the establishment of the Master's Codex and saw it merely as another bid by the White Order to assert dominance of the people of the kingdom.


Religious Views

It is greatly disputed where General Vizhax stood in regards to Zhak'raa. Many believe he was a devout individual and strove for equal access to magic for the entire kingdom, rather than following the severe restrictions imposed on them by the White Order, who themselves had the greatest access to wealth and power. Others believe the General was opposed to Zhak'raa and the role it played in politics, believing that to be truly free they must rid themselves of magic.
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Circumstances of Death
Destruction of Veru'Kar
Place of Death
Aligned Organization

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