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The rank of Nezar (High Wizard) or Azix'Nezar (Archwizard) is the most prestigious title a wizard of Nel'Akhiron can achieve. To become a Nezar implies one has spent literal centuries studying and practicing, honing their knowledge of Zhak'raa and their chosen school of Master magic.   Nezar is a rank accessible to any Akhir who is a member of a cloister, so long as they dedicate their lives to their craft and learning. Azix'Nezar is a rank that is reserved for a select few, and carries with it much more reverence and administrative power. It is not known specifically what it takes to be inducted as an Azix'Nezar, though many suspect it comes from either age, lineage, lethality, or some combination of these aspects.


On paper, it would seem the requirements are flexible and vague. All that is required is general knowledge amongst the community (the other wizards inhabiting the tower/temple/monastery/etc.) that they have acquired enough knowledge that they are worthy of the reverence that comes with the title, as well as one specific Azix'Nezar (Archwizard) from that same community to induct them and carry out the rites.   However, there are many actions one can take to increase their renown in their cloister such as:
  • Killing a high-ranking member of another group of wizards
  • Finding or protecting a valuable cache of magical knowledge/artifacts


The specific rite involved in one's ascension to High or Archwizard varies greatly from cloister to cloister. Due to their isolated and sanctimonious nature, the wizards of Nel'Akhiron have rituals and processes that have evolved independently of one another. In general, however, their appointment to their new role often comes with a final test of their magical prowess or knowledge, and may also be accompanied by a test of their dedication. This can manifest in written examinations, an impressive show of their magic or by taking the life of another wizard.


The role of Nezar often carries with it, few real responsibilities beyond occasional instruction or demonstration, or overseeing and carrying out rituals and ceremonies. However the ultimate rank of Azix'Nezar means that the individual has proved beyond a doubt they deserve to be in charge. Their responsibility is to the cloister or the knowledge contained within, and they have the ultimate say in how things are run or how ceremonies are carried out. They will also have the final word on issues of punishment (including execution or banishment).


The reverence that comes with these roles can not be understated. It is representative of their value as a person, as well as indicating the amount of time spent practicing and studying. Some cloisters may even have customs of acolytes being required to shield their eyes from Azix'Nezar when they are in their prescence.

Accoutrements & Equipment

In general, Nezar and Azix'Nezar each will have their own dress code that identifies them as a high-ranking member and user of Zhak'raa. This could be a set of special robes, a cloak with an insignia, a hood or mantle, etc. Status is something that the Akhir hold very highly, so there should be no mistaking a true master from the rest; it is imperative that they stand out. For this reason, these vestments will usually be extraordinarily opulent or intricately crafted.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The only way one may be removed from their position is if the individual receives a judgement through which they are exiled, or if they die. No matter how unpopular a wizard may become, they can not be simply demoted from the position they were awarded. However, because of this, Nezar and Azix'Nezar tend be handed judgements of execution as a way to rid them of their authority.
Magical, Honorific
Form of Address
Elder, Master, Nezar, Azix'Nezar
Length of Term
Until exile or death

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