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Little is known about who the Akhir were prior to the fall of their mighty empire of magic. What remains now are mere shells of what they once were, and even less remains of their humanity.   They appear as withered, emaciated humanoids, their nose and ears having receded. Their faces are gaunt and their eyes pale and sunken. No one (perhaps not even them) knows truly if they always looked this way or if they were once more human in appearance, and their current appearance is a result of their lifestyle and age.   It is known that they live for very long periods of time, which could be anywhere from 150 years to thousands.  


While records from the long-fallen empire of Nel'Akhiron are few and far between, it is clear that after the empire suffered a terrible tragedy, the most powerful and learned wizards that remained went into hiding, taking with them every scrap of magical knowledge to hoard in their isolated monasteries and temples.   Everyone else either followed after them or diminished, without the power of Zhak'raa to sustain them. The wizards hid themselves away with their magic and their power, giving themselves the power to live for centuries. Customs and traditions of Nel'Akhiron faded and instead grew around specific monasteries. Over such long periods of time, they grew paranoid and protective of their magic, living in fear and anger that other temples would come to steal it from them.   They remain extremely hostile and parochial, and there is little communication between outposts of the Akhir. Instead, they shutter themselves away in worship and study, living within strict guidelines and following oppressive doctrines, all to keep their magic and knowledge their own.


Shared customary codes and values

One of the few things tying together the scattered fragments of the Akhir is their practice of Zhak'raa, their religion and system of magic. They also share in the paranoia and isolationist values that now define them.

Major organizations

The Akhir were the founders and caretakers of the empire of Nel'Akhiron, and also responsible for its downfall and fragmentation.
Related Organizations

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