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The Big G Progress Report

From The River to The Ocean, a civilization grows up.

Welcome to the Ocean

Is this your first time visiting the ocean? There's plenty to explore. Here's a good place to start, with an overview of the region and what's been happening here recently.

888 words

Languages of the Ocean

The world's sapient species communicate in a wide variety of ways, from human speech to tkevsa footsigning to the chok tapping language.

1073 words


Water Seekers practice a type of meditation that brings them closer to the stillness of the ocean.

603 words


The moon-driven fluctuations of the ocean affect the natural and civilized world, and are referenced in many common expressions.

549 words

Island Energy

Civilization in the Cluster Islands runs on steam and lightning machines powered by the heat of volcanoes.

859 words

Standards of Time

With the development of immediate remote communication between islands came the need to standardize the measurement of time. The proclamation issued by Stolc's Worthies 600 years ago established the units that all the Cluster Islands use today.

1275 words

Air-Wave Communication

Air waves are the primary means of communication between islands, ships, and Gap outposts.

548 words

Air Waves

Although air waves are produced in every lightning strike, they are so low in energy that only for the past six hundred years have we known they exist.

238 words

The New Eddy

From the island remnant of the eruption that destroyed the old Eddy, a new one is growing.

669 words

Exact-Image Reproduction

The creation of perfect visual copies of scenes and people is an Eihlarian art form unappreciated anywhere else.

736 words

Moving-Image Media

A hundred years after they made exact-image reproduction a practical art, Eihlarians experimented with creating sequences of images taken in immediate succession to create active scenes.

336 words

Speaking with a Vastlander: An Interview

An easily-distracted chronicler meets an enthusiastic linguist. Between the two of us, will we ever get to the important questions?

2812 words

Deeps' Draw

Fair warning to readers--Deeps' Draw is a condition often leading to self-isolation and thoughts of dying.

1338 words

The Big G Progress so far

11924 words 119.24% completed!

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