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The New Eddy

The New Eddy is the headquarters of the revived organization of Water Seekers. Headed by the Dancinglight, it currently houses more than thirty Seekers and Sages and a threehand of proto-Seekers.

Purpose / Function

The gyre retains its attraction to people with strong hydrotropism, but the New Eddy does not offer the same kind of quiet, contemplative life that the old one did. Sages who want to spend some time alone with the ocean must leave the island to do it. Rather, the New Eddy is a focal point for the more active role that the new Water Seekers are taking in the post-Unity world. It is a training center for proto-Seekers to learn the limits of what is possible and what is permissible. It is also a sanctuary for many former Wringers who are not welcome anywhere else in the Cluster Islands.


Eight interconnected towers form a framework of a half-dome, a semicircle enclosing a long pier that can accommodate four medium cargo carriers at once. When there are boats docked, any water-working Seekers in residence can recreate the famous Dancinglight's Dome by filling the spaces between the towers with walls of water. In practice this is rarely done; the modern Seekers are more accustomed to being around people and don't as often feel the need to shield themselves from visitors' auras.   The towers are steel core with stone cladding. They are arranged in four pairs extending out into the ocean. The shortest pair, called the Gate, stand above the high tide line, flanking the path that leaves the pier. The next pair are anchored just past the low tide line, and the outer four towers are equally spaced farther offshore. In profile, the towers are a reflection of the peak on the western half of the island.   Most of the Eddy's buildings are of typical open-sided pipe tree construction. There is one specialized dormitory that can be sealed off from the outside air, to provide the dry temperature-controlled atmosphere that szageki require for their long-term survival.


In the days of the Old Eddy, Water Seekers congregated on loose collections of debris that floated freely within the gyre. These were destroyed when a submerged volcano erupted beneath them, killing all but a few. For thirty years the Eddy remained empty, until Alcendis Varenonde pledged to form a new organization of Water Seekers. The island that grew from the eruption is the home of the new Seekers and the New Eddy.


The new Water Seekers, like the previous ones, do not care to waste their time dealing with people who come with no purpose besides curiosity. Only approved navigators are allowed to guide boats to Eddy's Island. Requests to visit are fielded through the air-wave set before the Dancinglight will connect them with a navigator.   However, this does not mean that the New Eddy is as secretive as the old Seekers--certainly they can't afford to be. There is still much mistrust of Water Seekers, especially since many of them were once members of the Wringers who enforced Unity rule. In an effort to shift public perception, the Eddy has a resident writer to handle informational inquiries and address rumors.
Founding Date
begun 2045 Vol, completed 2049
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank

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