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Black Dawn

The Black Dawn was the name of Valland's most notorious criminal crew, in operation for nearly 3 months. The Black Dawn, at its conception, consisted of Elarian Avaahn Casper, Reagarrian Knight of the Inferno Daedalus, Vallandian hacker Jinx Castellan, and prized Kalleian fighter Tarik Gamathanki. Before being known as the Black Dawn, this gang went by the press name of the "Misfits of Valland," at which point they worked under corrupt CEO and criminal mastermind Virelios Castellan. As the Misfits, the gang also temporarily included Balasar Blackwater, Malia Deceit, Milo Vale, and Thyreos Xaltakarr.


There is no organization to the Black Dawn; they were simply a small group of four criminals with a common interest, working together to carry out said interest.

Public Agenda

The Black Dawn don't really have a public agenda-- Their motivations have shifted from criminal underworld domination under Virelios Castellan, to personal gain, then to the elimination of the Slicers up until their disbandment.


Under Virelios Castellan, the Black Dawn often had access to state-of-the-art technomagic. Since incarceration at the Black Mountain, they'd had less equipment handed to them and more so acquired or stolen during their jobs, the Nightrunner being an example of this, as well as their greatest asset.


The Black Dawn disbandment the instant their last mission came to a close. As part of their campaign to eliminate the Slicers, their final job was to take out Alathar Casper, Avaahn's older brother. After they had won the fight, Tarik and Daedalus proceeded to kill Alathar, against Avaahn's wishes. With Alathar's death, Daedalus and Tarik took the Nightrunner and set out for the Reagarrian Wastes, while Avaahn and Jinx went their separate ways. None of the Black Dawn has been publicly seen together since, and they have yet to speak to each other since then.


12th of Tembris, 575 AP - 7th of Lliirum, 575 AP

Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Misfits of Valland
Organization Vehicles

Known conspirators of the Black Dawn while under the Misfits name:


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