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The Nightrunner was the vehicle of choice of the Black Dawn, originally intended for Jinx as a gift from her father. It was stolen by the Black Dawn shortly after Castellan's death and installed into Jinx's cortex. It was used regularly by the Black Dawn until their breakup, not being seen since.   The Nightrunner was designed with state-of-the-art technomagic, anything and everything that Jinx would need in her criminal career. The car is made out of a mithral-adamantine alloy, painted a dark gray. The car's material allows for heavy armor as well as a lighter weight for optimal speed. The car has a top speed of 250 mph on land, and 130 knots on the water   The Nightrunner's main calling card is it's spell engines, giving the car the ability to cast spells on itself to aid in escape/pursuit. The car has a turbocharger, allowing it to break past it's regular speeds. It has cloaking technology to completely vanish while being driven. It can also transform into a boat, should the opportunity need it. It can launch itself dozens of feet into the air, getting to places every other car cannot. The car can reduce its size to that of a small dog, or a remote control car, along with all of its passengers. It can phase out of its material form, still somewhat visible but able to phase through solid objects. The Nightrunner can be driven remotely if it needs to be, although its special abilities cannot be used remotely. The car can activate a spell in which is intermittently blinks in and out of the digital plane, popping up in different spots. It can fire a lubricant from the back in order to thwart enemy vehicles. The Nightrunner can gently glide to the ground rather than fall, should it need to. And finally, it is able to drive vertically up walls for limited amounts of time.   At some point after the Black Dawn's disbandment, Jinx engineered another upgrade to the Nightrunner. This upgrade allows her to choose between either a motorcycle or the regular car upon summoning the vehicle from the digital plane. This motorcycle also reconstructs into a jetski in the water rather than a boat. Once cast, the Nightrunner cannot switch between the motorcycle or the car instantly, Jinx must cast it again.


Outside of its top-of-the-line spell engine and speed capabilities, the car's technomagic upgrades includes a turbocharger that greatly increases its speed.

Weapons & Armament

The Nightrunner doesn't have any real offensive capabilities outside of what a regular car can do; it's incredible technomagic upgrades were intended for speed and escape.

Armor and defense

Made out of an adamantine-mithral alloy, the Nightrunner's hull is incredibly strong, not to mention the technomagic spell defense systems.

Owning Organization
15 feet
4 feet
around 3000 lbs
250 mph (top speed)


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