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Virelios Castellan

Physical Description

Special abilities

As a changeling, Castellan had the uncanny ability to change his appearance into anyone he has touched directly, skin to skin. Additionally, Castellan was the sole pioneer of technomagic hacking, a specific type of spellcasting and magic that directly interferes with technomagic to be used to Castellan's advantage (note: this is entirely separate from deadmagic, Castellan's magic relates specifically to hacking). The only known person to have acquired this skill is Jinx, his daughter.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Corporate Superpower

Castellan began his career as a technomagic operator, and moved up the corporate ladder with his knack for technomancy. He soon would turn away from doing the work himself, rather innovating with the ideas and relegating the work to hired employees, hence founding Castellan Enterprises. What started as a small company relying on the work of technomagic inventors later became the most profitable company in Valland, as well as the world's #1 supplier of technomagic. This gradually shifted to a focus on selling tech to the military, including weapons, armor, vehicles, and many more of the most advanced technomagic in the world (none of which Castellan produces himself, very little of which he invents).

Behind Closed Doors

The earliest evidence of Castellan's illicit wrongdoings was with the birth of his daughter, later known by Jinx. The mother of the child is still unknown, even to Jinx, but the main reason Castellan had a child was to create the perfect criminal. Throughout her childhood, Jinx would be victim to numerous cybernetic enhancements that would give her the ability to disrupt and manipulate technomagic, a certain area of technomancy that had yet to be used.   When Castellan began setting up a criminal career is unknown, but his first attempt at this was with the "Criminal Deterrent Android." This android, built and designed by Castellan would be sold to the Slicers as the ultimate criminal hunter and killer; Castellan hoped that this addition to the deadliest group of mercenaries in Valland would decimate the criminal underworld, leaving a clean slate for Castellan to thrive. Naturally, Castellan had built in controls and contingencies within the android so that he would secretly remain in control of the android.   The first attempt at this project was an utter failure, as CDA-1, the AI system for the project, broke free of its programming to save Jinx from her father's plan. CDA-1 then wiped Jinx's memory of Castellan to protect her. Castellan's desperate attempt at deleting CDA-1 altogether only resulted in its memory wipe, as CDA-1 already installed a backup of itself in Jinx's cybernetic systems.

Life of Crime

In 575, Castellan began his career as an aspiring criminal mastermind, hiring what he thought would be his dream team, now known as the Misfits of Valland. These Misfits were arrested for speeding and evading arrest after numerous injustices and criminal offenses. After being taken to the Black Mountain, the Misfits outed Castellan as the one orchestrating their jobs, leading to his new home in prison. The entirety of Castellan Enterprises and all of its tech was either liquidated or confiscated by the military.   After the prison riot led by the extended Misfits of Valland, Castellan was found to be one of the 9 criminals to have escaped, along with the original Misfits, Thyreos Xaltakarr, the Valed Deceit, and Isabella Cromoni. At this point, Castellan sold CDA-2, the new and improved Criminal Deterrent Android, to the Slicers. This model did not have the personality and thinking engine that the first model did, so as to prevent another rogue AI.


After the Slicers apprehended the Black Dawn, Castellan recalled CDA-2, expecting Jinx's escape. After breaking out of prison once again, the Black Dawn sought out to eliminate the Slicers, their first target being CDA-2.   After some heavy reconnaissance, the Misfits located Castellan, CDA-2, and the Valed Deceit, who had all gathered to take on and defeat the Black Dawn in order for Castellan to finally take his daughter back. Despite Castellan's copious planning, the newly-named Black Dawn managed to defeat Castellan and his employees, Castellan himself dying from the very magic he created, at the hands of his daughter. In Castellan's defeat, Jinx brought about a country-wide blackout, also deleting many of Castellan's files and legacy.


Castellan had a very high level of education, learning the aspects of technomagic and acquiring a precocious skill for that field. This education served as the foundations of which Castellan would build his company on (later said foundations would be replaced with the foundations of other inventors).


Virelios had been CEO of Castellan Enterprises for 26 years, before he was incarcerated in the Black Mountain and his company was liquidated.

Personality Characteristics


Castellan was motivated by two overarching desires; money and power. Everything he'd ever done, from becoming a CEO to an aspiring criminal mastermind has been in the pursuit of those desires.


Family Ties

Castellan only ever had one known relative, that being Jinx of the Black Dawn. They are father and daughter only in blood, as Castellan hadn't raised her nor did he ever want the best for her. Jinx was the one who ended up killing Castellan, so Castellan's only family tie isn't a tie at all. It is unknown who Jinx's mother is.

Wealth & Financial state

Castellan had accrued an immense amount of wealth through his tech company, having a net worth of somewhere around 100 million gold pieces. Castellan was the third wealthiest man in Valland.

Father of Jinx, Virelios Castellan was the former employer of the Black Dawn, until his death at their hands.

Current Location
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Neutral Evil
55 (at death)
Date of Birth
Lathambris 16th, 520 AP
Date of Death
12th of Silvamber, 575 AP
525 AP 575 AP
Circumstances of Death
Virelios Castellan was killed by his own daughter, killed with her magic as Jinx released a country-wide blackout upon Valland.
Valland City, Valland
Current Residence
None, deceased
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6 ft.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Halfling, Dwarvish.

Castellan's pure form


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