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Thyreos Xaltakarr

(a.k.a. The Son of Zeus)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Thyreos Xaltakarr doesn’t know where he was born, but knows he appeared in an orphanage in Methos, Kalleia. He was raised by this orphanage, never taken under adoption, probably due to the stigma surrounding chromatic dragonborns. Thyreos grew up with a negative outlook on life, and often disregarded any rules or guidelines of the orphanage. Having no parental figures whatsoever, Thyreos was exclusively independent and never learned to care for anyone else.   When Thyreos was 7 years old, the Magician’s silencing of the gods brought fear and unrest throughout Kalleia. In this chaos, Thyreos decided to leave the orphanage, setting out on life on his own. While he was there, an orc horde used the weakness of this godless city. By some deep, underlying, heroic trait inside Thyreos, he was compelled to beat the fuck out of these orcs. He was filled by an unrelenting mix of anger and bravery, prepared to save a city who has shown him no love, an institution that showed him no better side of life.   This feeling suddenly awakened something in him. Something that had been repressed inside of him for his entire life, something he felt needed to be there. The clouds above him darkened and expanded, and the booms of thunder began to echo throughout the hills. Thyreos’s eyes lit up with sparks of blue electricity and he leaped into the air. A horde of orcs, powerless against the might of a sentient lightning storm, quivered at the sight of him. Thyreos shot bolts of energy and erupted in explosions of thunder as if he was Zeus himself. Years and years of this turbulent power dormant inside of him vanquished the orc tribe. Those who did not fall escaped in great terror.   Thyreos Xaltakarr was hence known as the “son of Zeus,” a mysterious urban legend that many Kalleians attribute the saving of their town to. Thyreos didn’t want any of this recognition, and left Kalleia without purpose.   Thyreos made his way over to Valland, but struggled to get a job or make any sort of money. He had a very specific magical skill set, and one in which he had little experience. He eventually veered into a life of crime, but maintaining a limit on the crimes he committed.   Thyreos was lawful neutral, although acting according to his own code. He would only commit crimes against those who he thinks deserves it. He stole from nobles that came across their fortune immorally, killed or harmed those who’ve killed or harmed the innocent, or rather adversely affected just plain dicks.   Despite this relatively good-natured (but extreme) moral philosophy, he still landed himself in hot pursuit of the Vallandian police force. He slowly turned into an ethical arsonist, completely obliterating technomagic systems belonging to dirtbags and pieces of shit, and was eventually captured by Vallandian police. An estimated 1,000,000gp in property damage, on top of several other charges of thievery and harsh vigilantism, was enough to land Thyreos in the Black Mountain.   Thyreos had been in the Black Mountain for 4 months as of Session 6.   Being incarcerated in the Black Mountain tainted Thyreos's moral philosphy. Being incarcerated in a maximum security prison left him with only his thoughts, as he kept to himself. Thyreos was aggravated that he was locked up for life for something he perceived as a good act. After escaping in affiliation with the Misfits and the Valed Deceit, he loosened the grasp that his moral philosophy had on himself, now operating however he wishes.   After breaking out of the Black Mountain in affiliation with the Misfits and the Valed Deceit, he barely succeeded on a heist on Protector Base Beta with the same group. They were then ambushed by the Slicers, then being incarcerated within a Protectors cell block. Weeks later, Thyreos had presumably escaped in an Inferno prison raid along with the rest of the aforementioned criminals, although his current whereabouts remain unknown.


Thyreos's education was based in the orphanage he grew up in, although he was never taught how to use his tempestuous power.


After leaving Kalleia, Thyreos found himself most useful in the criminal industry. Over time, he began to act on his own accord more often as opposed to being hired for jobs. He started to destroy property of people whom he thought deserved it. As of now, he's presumably on his own after escaping the Protectors hold.


Contacts & Relations

Thyreos used to work as a Misfit, with Avaahn Casper, Balasar Blackwater, Jinx, Tarik Gamathanki, Malia Deceit, and Milo Vale. Ever since they were found and apprehended by the Slicers, the group split up, and Thyreos's current whereabouts are unknown.

Family Ties

Thyreos doesn't know who his real parents are, but hasn't once thought of even contacting the orphanage.

Religious Views

Very mindful of the Kalleian pantheon, especially Zeus, although he distances himself from being affiliated with him.

Social Aptitude

Not much of a talker, although he is very intimidating and can usually get his way by simply looking at someone threateningly.

A strong but silent dragonborn from Kalleia, Thyreos was once the "Son of Zeus," a folk hero of his homeland, before turning to a life of arson.

Current Location
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Rebel Impure
Date of Birth
Silvamber 15th
Year of Birth
537 AP
Methos, Kalleia
Known Languages
Common, Draconic, Primordial, Kalleian.
Theme Song


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