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Malia Deceit

Physical Description

Special abilities

Before her death, Malia had an incredible ability towards stealth and espionage, also using magic (usually enchantment) to aid in her crime. After her death, however, she has somehow gained an unnatural power towards pyromancy, something she did not have before.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Malia Deceit was born in the town of Cambeth, and was subject to racial prejudice and feeling out of place as a pink tiefling. The stories of the Protectors and Criella Hope especially captivated her. Seeing a female tiefling heroine kicking ass meant the world to her, and she even pretended that she was her when playing with her brother.   As she grew up, this admiration drove her to join the Protectors, a growing private militia who reached their peak of fame with the original 9. She mainly used a natural talent for deceit and temptation and excelled in espionage, in and out of areas, acquiring information, and all the while gaining the admiration of the people she was spying on.

A Fallen Protector

After an attack from a terrifying army on Cambeth, a mysterious plague hit the town, forcing her family and many others out. Her brother was part of the unfortunate group that died from this sickness, and this put things into perspective. She felt that she wasn’t making any impact whatsoever as a Protector and evil was still prominent in the world. In an attempt to fix this, she struck up a deal with an extra-dimensional patron for some more offensive magic, hoping to be able to eliminate as well as spy.   She eventually started to lose her respect within the ranks of the Protectors after many instances of carelessness and sloppiness in her job, she was kicked out after 8 years of service. All admiration for Criella Hope and the original 9 was forgotten. Struggling to find a place of work with her specific and situational skill set she’d spent so many years using, she eventually turned to a life of crime in Valland. In the industry, she met Milo Vale, a performer with a knack for charming people like her. They naturally built a relationship as partners in crime, soon becoming the infamous duo the Valed Deceit.

Life of Crime

On one fateful sting operation, they were trying to get their way into a local aristocrat and snobby business owner get-together in Valland, trying to use their charm to acquire an experimental spell battery. The whole party was actually to celebrate the development of a completely different piece of technology, one that, when triggered, would absorb all kinetic energy in the vicinity. They were frozen in place on their way to the dummy item, and when caught, previous crimes were traced back to them, landing them in Black Mountain Maximum Security Prison. As of Session VI, they had been there for 3 weeks before escaping in cohorts with the Misfits of Valland and Thyreos Xaltakarr.   Shortly after escaping prison, the extended Misfits burgled Protector Base Gamma, wherein Balasar Blackwater had been defeated by Kluk. After this somewhat botched mission, the Valed Deceit and Thyreos Xaltakarr parted ways with the original four Black Dawn. Shortly thereafter, the Valed Deceit was hired by a former employer of the Black Dawn.

Under New Management

The The Valed Deceit was hired by Virelios Castellan after their run-in with the Slicers, in a desperate attempt to find and capture his daughter, and to bring revenge on the criminals that had ratted him out. They hadn't gone on too many missions under Castellan, effectively only stealing technology for the Nightrunner. Castellan had given the Valed Deceit a prototype for the Nightrunner, one incredibly advanced but lacking in a few areas of technomagic compared to the first official model, one that would fall to the hands of Jinx.   Eventually, the Valed Deceit played a role in Castellan's defeat of the Black Dawn, a mission that would be their last. Malia disguised herself as a fake sister of Castellan's, revealing herself for a final fight. Within seconds of the fight breaking out, her beloved boyfriend was crushed to death under the weight of a boulder by Tarik Gamathanki. She was shot through the chest by Avaahn Casper moments later, seemingly capping off the story of Malia Deceit.

A Second Chance

At some point after Malia's supposed death, she had been resurrected, also gaining a powerful control over pyromancy. She made her first public appearance on Aurum 2nd, 576 AP, in the Battle of Mystra Square.


Malia went through the standard education in Cambeth and went to college in Valland, but the vast majority of the skills she uses daily is due to her espionage training in the Protectors.


Malia began her work in the Protectors, the job she always wanted for as long as she could remember. She was later expelled from the Protectors, and couldn't find another job to implement the skills she spent her entire career working on. She then eventually dove into a life of crime and became part of the Valed Deceit, a criminal duo with her boyfriend, Milo Vale.   The Valed Deceit spent much their careers as free agents, although they had run with the Misfits for a short time in 575 AP. After leaving the Misfits and escaping from the Black Mountain, the Valed Deceit was hired by Virelios Castellan before their impending deaths.


Contacts & Relations

Malia is presumably still in the Valed Deceit duo, formerly also working with the Black Dawn.

Family Ties

Malia hasn't spoken to her parents since the start of her criminal career; her only "family" was her boyfriend Milo Vale.

Social Aptitude

Malia is extremely skilled at charming, persuasion, deception, and disguise. Even without the use of magic, she can reliably get her way in any group of people with just a few conversations.

Member of the Valed Deceit, Malia Deceit was a famous criminal skilled in burglary and subterfuge. She met her end at the hands of her one-time allies, the Black Dawn.

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Chaotic Evil
Date of Birth
Kelemvor 27th, 549 AP
Circumstances of Death
Malia Deceit was the last of the Valed Deceit to die by the hands of the Black Dawn, along with her boyfriend, Milo Vale, and her boss, Virelios Castellan.
Cambeth, Pre-Elaria
Black/Red (dyed)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
120 lbs
Aligned Organization
Related Reports
Known Languages
Common, Infernal, Elvish, Undercommon.
Theme Song
Malia's criminal look prior to her death in 575 AP.


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