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The Slicers were an independent group of elite mercenaries, the deadliest trained killers in the realm. They consisted of five members at the time of their elimination at the hands of the Black Dawn. Very little is known about the Slicers; much of the information the public and the criminal world has on them consists of simply rumors.


The Slicers operate outside of any government body, although they often work in close relation with the Vallandian military and police force. Therefore, Arkaeus Boulderstrike is the only leader that the group has, although he is about as much of a leader as a quarterback is.

Public Agenda

The Slicers are a private organization comprised of five highly trained mercenaries, hired usually by governments to eradicate terrorists and criminals that pose a threat to society or the government. Their duty is to eliminate these threats as quickly and as under the radar as possible, so that few can ever be quick enough to counteract the Slicer's deadliness.


The Slicers, through payment for their work, are able to pay for many magic weapons and armor.


The Slicers began as a classified Vallandian government project designed to be the ultimate crime deterrent, later becoming an independent group due to growing fears of creating something that Valland could just use topple governments overnight.   Their first member, as well as the impetus for the whole project, was Arkaeus Boulderstrike, the reincarnated Kalleian Minotaur and amputee. The project overseers proceeded to attach an prototype prosthetic arm to replace his lost arm, as well as secretly inject experimental chemicals designed to make him angrier and stronger, both making him a most deadly adversary.   Second, the Vallandian military hired a half-elven combatant from a wealthy family of Elaria, which turned out to be Alathar Casper, Avaahn Casper's (of the Black Dawn) older brother. He continued to train under the Slicers, becoming a more deadly opponent than he ever had before.   Their third member was a drow sniper, one the Vallandian government traced back to 305 confirmed kills. This sharpshooter thrives in the dark (the Slicers' preferred environment), and has actually never been seen by any of the Slicers' targets.   The next member came in the form of a spellcasting female wielding a demonic katana, who joined the Slicers on a seemingly obligatory basis, but not by the knowledge of the Vallandian military. In all of her sightings, she is wearing a smooth, white mask, and a dark black cloak, obscuring her features. She thrives as the main spellcaster of the Slicers, and eliminates her enemies by quickly siphoning their life force.   After their fourth member, international diplomatic concerns of a powerful squad of mercenaries being free to use by one country led to the Slicers breaking off from theVallandian government and becoming their own private group.   Most recently, the fifth member is rumored to originate from a private company in Valland, although Valland had yet to manufacture any complete magical automaton like Wildebourne's warforged. Little is known about the elusive fifth member, as the Slicers had only gone on one mission with it.


After their first run-in with the Black Dawn and the criminals' subsequent breakout, they were picked off by the Black Dawn one by one in the following weeks.   CDA-2 was the first to be eliminated, deleted by Jinx on Silvamber 12th, on the rooftop of Castellan Enterprises' Valland City building.   Valtar Illistyn was the next to be killed, stabbed through the chest by Daedalus on Silvamber 15th, near ground zero of the The Wastelands of Reagarr.   Arkaeus Boulderstrike's death followed, defeated in prophesized battle by Tarik Gamathanki. His death came about on Silvamber 25th, within the earth of Mount Olympus.   The death that finalized the Black Dawn's eliminations was Alathar Casper, brother of Avaahn, on Lliirum 7th, in the courtyard of Casper Manor. Alathar's death also brought about the disbandment of the Black Dawn.   The only remaining member of the Slicers is Aurelia Nailo, who slipped away in the Black Dawn's battle with Alathar Casper. She has since joined the Cult as the deacon of the Sect of Power, which is second only in authority to the Sect of Time. Aurelia Nailo has additionally started working as a member of the Black Dawn, unbeknownst to the general public.


Unknown - Lliirum 7th

Military, Mercenary Group
Alternative Names
Crime Deterrent Alpha (official group name), Project Cleanup (program/project name).
Training Level


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