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Wastelands of Reagarr

Also known as the Reagarrian Wastes, or simply the Fallout or the Wasteland, the Wastelands of Reagarr are an enormous area of decrepit, destroyed, and burning ruin of the former nation Reagarr. The Wastes became such a desolate and burning fallout due to the explosion occurring with Criella Hope's death, blasting powerful flaming magic across the land and decimating the country. The Fallout is famously known as the roving grounds of the ruthless Inferno gang.


Reagarr is a hot desert of rolling sand dunes, jagged rocky terrain, and towering remnants of the former nation. Each of the spots of ruins are sporadically spread across the Wastes, with miles of desert in between.   The closer one gets to ground zero of the explosion, the hotter and more scorched the terrain becomes. The sand gradually loses its color and turns into dull and ashy shades of black and gray, and spots of charred embers and open flame are scattered across the desolate fallout. Apart from the rampant demons and fire elementals aimlessly roaming about the badlands, outcrops of a strange and otherworldly fiery crystal protrude from the ground, appearing increasingly often the further to the epicenter one treks.   The only ones in history to have ventures into the heart of ground zero were the Black Dawn and the Inferno, in the midst of a battle with Valtar Illistyn of the Slicers. As they discovered, ground zero was a deep and enormous crater, containing a hot, writhing pit of magical lava in the center.

Localized Phenomena

Ever since the Great Blackout, the Reagarrian Wastes have also been the roving ground of creatures of demonic and/or elemental origin. These creatures will rise from the ground, ranging in power, and attack any humanoid they see, mainly the Inferno. Since Valland has seized the central area of the wastes, these creatures have seemingly disappeared.

Fauna & Flora

What remains in Reagarr are creatures that have either adapted to the heat or already had a resitance or immunity to it. The closer you get to ground 0, the more fire elementals you encounter, and the few who have ventured into ground zero have even reported seeing demons there, along with a red-tinted molten lava.   Since Valland's acquisition, however, the only life within the wastelands are found in the outskirts and adapted to extremely hot weather. No such elementals or demons have been since since.

Natural Resources

Since the beginning of the Cold War, Wildebourne has been mining in Reagarr for an extremely fire-resistant metal that they use for armor, weaponry, buildings, and vehicles. Likewise, Valland has recently undergone research expeditions in the heart of the wastelands, but the motivation and results of these ventures are highly classified. Tensions surrounding both rival countries with interests in the wastelands is a topic of high tensions, to the point of many believing the wastelands to be a candidate for the first shot. 


Reagarr was once a barbaric nation of an arena-based system of government; those who won in combat would become military leaders and government officials. Neighboring countries were allied against Reagarr, keeping close watch so they couldn't gain the power akin to Malrith (Reagarr was arguably more violent and uncivilized than Malrith as Reagarr treated violence as a captivating performance rather than a conquest-driven tradition). This was the case until 545, where the eight Elite Protectors attempted to escape from the arena's clutches, only escaping through the sacrifice of Criella Hope. Upon death, her body exploded in a fiery hellstorm that completely leveled cities and would turn Reagarr into a fiery desert wasteland, inherited by very few gangs of people.   It is now a desolate wasteland of desert, immensely hot and on fire or riddled with lava in areas. What isn't lava or fire is barren sand and rock, with little remnants of a fallen civilization. Its primary inhabitants are a ruthless gang of raiders known as the Inferno, who have effectively ruled over the area since the mid 550s.   Since the Great Blackout in 575, the Wastes started to have instances of demonic and/or elemental monsters crawling out of the earth, forming from fire, rising from lava, or otherwise. After the Black Dawn's disbandment, Valland seized territory in the fallout, namely the area surrounding the heart and ground zero. Since Valland started its confidential research missions in the fallout, these creature attacks have strangely stopped.

Alternative Name(s)
The Reagarrian Wastes, the Fallout, the Wastelands
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Related Reports (Primary)
Flaming monsters such as these, appearing to occupy some middle ground between fire elementals and demons, roamed the dunes of Reagarr.


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