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Knight of the Inferno (a.k.a. The Black Mamba)

Itzu is the manipulative yuan-ti Knight of the Inferno. She has the highest magical ability of the Knights, as well as special psychic powers and venomous expertise.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Like all the Knights of the Inferno, Itzu has a pact with Blackrazor, giving her useful magical abilities.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Itzu was born the daughter of two yuan-ti purebloods who were fighters in Reagarr's arena. After Reagarr's destruction, Itzu's parents spent their days roving the wastelands looking for power. Itzu never knew her father, and her mother was harsh and unforgiving in raising her. In true snake fashion, Itzu's parents would completely abandon her at age 10.    Itzu spent her formative years fighting for survival in the Wastelands of Reagarr, although she rarely spent them alone. Itzu learned very quickly to infiltrate and manipulate raider gangs that took her in, taking advantage of them for her own success. Before the Inferno, Itzu had been a part of every major raider gang in the Inferno. Rumors posit that Itzu is responsible for the downfall of half.   At the end of this era, Itzu had earned the nickname the "Black Mamba" as a result of her deadliness. No raider gang could ever trust her again, until Jako Blackwater made a very risky move in 567 AP. The King of the Inferno appealed to Itzu's own benefit: the Inferno wanted absolute power over the wastes and establishment of an empire, an agenda that fit very well into Itzu's special set of skills. Itzu agreed to join, and for the first time in her life, not to play them like pawns on a chess board.   Jako Blackwater appointed Itzu as one of his Knights in 570 AP, the last one he appointed in his lifetime. Itzu has been running with the Inferno for 9 years as of 576 AP, also the newest Knight of the Inferno.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Itzu's entire M.O. is subversion and manipulation, seeing people as a chess player sees his pawns. Itzu also has an eye for jewelry, always one to shower her equipment in expensive gems and metals.

Chaotic Impure
Current Location
Date of Birth
6th of Chaunteum, 547 AP
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned, scaly in certain places
120 lbs
Aligned Organization


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