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While members of the Inferno are often very belligerent and unruly, they follow a very strict code of honor. This code permits most crimes, but to a certain point as many define it as "just not too fucked up." This includes murder of the innocent (not including officers of law or security, only those not adverse with Inferno plans) and anything regarding children. Additionally, leaders are always elected democratically, and are respected as an equal, akin to that of pirate democracy.

Public Agenda

The Inferno's goal is ultimate power in the Reagarrian , and once that's finished, their conquest will continue outside of Reagarr.


The Inferno was the first controlled group of people to emerge from the newly-destroyed nationin 552 AP. All of the original members were remnants of the Reagarrian society, therefore some of that barbaric personality prevails through the gang. The Inferno is on its third leader, the past two being driven into ground zero for not leading to Inferno's standards. Currently, the leader is Jako Blackwater, who wields a dark sentient sword of powerful mysterious origin. All of the Inferno respects him, if not downright fearing him.

Ride through the fire, die among the flames.

Founding Date
546 AP
Illicit, Gang
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Economic System
Barter system
It's very rare to find an Inferno member who uses gold, silver, or copper pieces. Almost all of Inferno simply uses the barter system due to lack of established government/economy and rarely having to trade outside of their own gang.
Controlled Territories


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