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Knight of the Inferno

Colgert is a goblin artificer and Knight of the Inferno. Before Jako Blackwater's death, Colgert was the sole creator and upgrader of his armor and truck.

Physical Description

Body Features

Colgert is missing his right arm, which he has replaced with a prosthetic multitool/weapon.

Special abilities

Like all the Knights of the Inferno, Colgert has a pact with Blackrazor, giving him useful magical abilities.

Specialized Equipment

Colgert has developed a number of mechanical and magical equipment out of the ruins of the Wastelands, including his prosthetic arm, explosives, tools, several vehicles for the gang, and even a robot dog.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Colgert was born into a very poor family of goblins in the former nation of Reagarr, only a child when it fell into a ruin. All of Colgert's family died to the tragedy, except for Colgert's older brother. His brother would protect and raise Colgert until he was 6 years old, at which point Colgert's older brother was killed by a group of raiders. Colgert was able to escape in secrecy, forced to fend for himself in the wastes.   Because of his size, Colgert was able to crawl into an abandoned warehouse that had been untouched by raiders. The warehouse was nearly completely smothered by rubble, save for a crawl space only he could get through. Colgert made this his base of operations for the next 5 years, also learning how to tinker and fix using all of the arena technology left behind. This continued until Colgert was discovered by Jako Blackwater in 553, who recruited him into the Inferno. Colgert was an incredibly useful addition to the gang of raiders, being the only one who actually knew how their vehicles and tools worked.   Colgert's workshop remained his primary home, now being a protected outpost of the Inferno. During his time with the gang, Colgert lost his right arm to a third-degree hellion attack, but he was able to replace it with his own custom prosthetic. This prosthetic aids him both in the workshop and in combat, able to function as a multitool as well as fire bits of shrapnel from them.   After Jako Blackwater's death, Colgert has kept his place as Knight and chief tinkerer of the Inferno.

Current Location
Short, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
50 lbs
Aligned Organization


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