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Once home to millions of people with a culture focused on arena combat, the former nation of Reagarr was destroyed in Criella Hope's death, leaving a burning wasteland. In its heyday, Reagarr was a ruthless nation with a culture fixated on arena combat and contests of warriors.


Every single citizen was required, by law, to participate in the military (except children, who were put into military training at a very young age). Reagarr was under close watch by an alliance between countries surrounding it, so there was little use for a military. Every citizen could compete in the arena, where a winner of a tournament would become a government official, given a life of luxury through internal production via slave labor


Reagarr began as a tribe of desert-based ruthless barbarians that eventually started to conquer a great portion of land, all in desert. All conquered peoples were subjected to their needs, and Reagarr was officially established in 197. They continued to build laboring population to build infrastructure by conquest, and eventually established the arena.   The arena was a trail of combat in which the champions would be promoted to a luxurious government position, and the losers who did not die would be demoted to a slave. If the arena did not have enough combatants, they would use the slaves or local fauna (and occasionally even flora) to participate. This continued until Reagarr managed to get their hands on 4 of the Elite Protectors in 545: Ivellius Ilphelkiir, Althaea Ilphelkiir, Criella Hope, and their favorite, Kluk. The were spontaneously teleported into the prison cells of the arena. Exactly a year later, they were given the chance to fight for their freedom (a false promise designed to increase their violence and combat drive), but Ivellius managed to escape in the form of an insect. Ivellius left to retrieve Aleesia Nailo, Keem Goldthrone, Khorrak Raghthroknaar, and Thundercat Bojangles from their island of exile, and returned to break out the rest of the Protectors. They were recaptured by Reagarrian troops and returned to the arena.   The next morning, they fought their way through the other combatants and escaped from the prison afterwards. Reagarrian troops were likely to recapture them fighting their way through the head palace, but Criella Hope sacrificed herself, flaming her way through an ungodly number of troops in a fiery rage. As troops started to overtake her, she exploded in a nuclear-level explosion, destroying the country of Reagarr and turning it into a burning fallout (Ilmaber 21st, 545 AP).


All organization and power structure of Reagarr was destroyed in Criella Hope's cataclysm, as a fiery explosion killed the vast majority of living beings in the area.

Demography and Population

The population of Reagarr is unknown, but at the time of its destruction, it's estimated to be somewhere around 10-20 million. The vast majority are humans, dwarves, and half orcs, with extremely few elves and half-elves.


Reagarr's military was only used in the arena past the time of their conquest, consisting of fighters and barbarians trained from birth (magic was looked upon very negatively in their culture).

Foreign Relations

Reagarr was the subject of an alliance between the countries surrounding it. The alliance was made to assure the safety of neighboring countries and Reagarr's conquest. Despite the aggressive nature of the country, they knew that the attack of any national border would result in their immediate destruction.

Agriculture & Industry

Agriculture and industry (very little of the latter), was carried out exclusively by slave labor fueled by prisoners of war and losers of the arena.

Trade & Transport

Reagarr does not participate in international trade, for no country wanted to give Reagarr any of their advanced technology or beneficial goods.


Nearly 100% of Reagarr's population is unable to read and write, as there is no public or private education. The only education is government-mandated military training.


197 A.P. - Ilmaber 21st, 545 A.P.

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