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Khorrak Raghthroknaar

Former Protector (a.k.a. The Dragon)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Khorrak Raghthroknaar was born in a monk village in the mountainous region neighboring Cambeth, a member of the dragonborn monk tribe. He was trained from a young age by his wise master, learning the ways of the open hand. Khorrak had no purpose in which to apply his training, but that was soon solved in a Magician attack on an annual celebration in Cambeth.   In this attack, Khorrak, alongside Thundercat Bojangles and other Protectors, fought off the skeletons the Magician had conjured with ease. The Protectors saw the potential of both Khorrak and Thundercat and recruited them instantly. Khorrak and Thundercat proceeded to go on numerous missions, until involving Aleesia Nailo, a longtime Protector, in their crew. It was the three's first mission in which Khorrak acquired his famous gauntlet. This gauntlet could go against gravity itself, allowing Khorrak to completely batter around his foes.   Soon enough, in a chaotic pirate raid, Khorrak found himself and the other two in prison alongside Keem Goldthrone, a former prisoner of the Protectors. After breaking themselves out, they fell victim to a tsunami called upon the town by the Magician, where the four of them washed up in the highlands south of Cambeth, far from home.   Khorrak underwent numerous missions, mainly with the Core Four but also alongside other Elite Protectors. The pinnacle of the Protectors' battle against the Magician, resulted in a wave of the Magician's magical energy erupting from his death. This wave of magic mutated Khorrak into a fully-fledged adult red dragon.   Where Khorrak resides now is unknown, as Khorrak now is somewhat of an urban legend. Some claim he is nothing but a fictional hero of the Protectors, some claim to even have witnessed his captivating presence. Despite the widespread debate on Khorrak's existence, the Elite Protectors absolutely advocate for his existence and heroism, even citing him as helping in the classified Operation: Otherworlds in 568.


Khorrak's education comes solely from within his dragonborn tribe.


Khorrak's only full career was that of a Protector, the rest of his years her either spent as an apprentice or a dragon.


Contacts & Relations

The Elite Protectors currently claim that, if the need presents itself, they know where to find Khorrak.
note: this picture is of pre-3/1/545 Khorrak, while he was still a dragonborn humanoid.
Lawful Good
Date of Birth
11th of Chaunteum, 519 AP
Year of Birth
519 AP
Cambethian Mountains
Current Residence
Aligned Organization


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