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Aleesia Nailo

Head Protector (a.k.a. The Shadow)

Aleesia Nailo holds the title of Head Protector, the leader of the most powerful enhanced private militia throughout the realm. A mother and wife, she leads heroes from across the globe to protect the world, fighting the battles that they never could.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Aleesia is insanely stealthy, and thrives in the shadows. She can be easily lost in any environment, and the source of her shots are hard to pinpoint by her targets.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aleesia Nailo, throughout her life, had a tendency to help those in need. One such endeavor found Aleesia saving a halfling family from a party of goblins. The halfling family bestowed a gift upon Aleesia, her Deck of Chance. When Cambeth found itself under attack from orcish tribes from Malrith, the Cambethian military recruited her as a Protector in 475 at the age of 114, and she aided in the successful battle fighting off the Malrithian army. She stuck with the Protectors through thick and thin, even when they were labeled as terrorists.   She became the third member of the Core Four, teaming up with Khorrak Raghthroknaar and Thundercat Bojangles. In their first night on the town together, Aleesia "acquired" her loyal steed, Caspian. She would later have her arm shot off by Keem Goldthrone in a chaotic turn of events in which the Magician's tsunami called upon Cambeth called the four of them to the highlands south of Cambeth. Later, Aleesia would become infected with the experimental shadow magic of the Null Division. This magic would not only conjure a new arm made of solidified shadow, but also lead to the creation of Experiment B, Aleesia's nullified counterpart.   Sadly, she lost her horse in that very tsunami, but luckily, Hallow's magic coursing through the town of Cambeth revived Caspian, now a skeleton of the horse he once was. When an entire pack of dire wolves attacked the Core Four, Caspian valiantly sacrificed himself by bucking Aleesia off mid-air while jumping over a cliff. Aleesia made it out with both her life and a dire puppy. This dire puppy was of confusing origin, as only Criella Hope could speak to it in Infernal.   She later went on to save the world, defeating the evil Magician alongside 7 other Elite Protectors. Shortly after, she became the leader of the Protectors in 546. After that, she married Leandro Richlash, a mercenary-turned proud Protector, in 550. Just over two years later in 552, Aleesia gave birth to Aurelia Nailo, a future Protectors. Aleesia still frequently goes on missions alongside her husband and pet dire wolf of demonic origin, along with running the entire organization. One such mission, which saw Althaea Ilphelkiir as the stand-in Head Protector, was known as Operation: Otherworlds; a classified mission that took place in 568 which is rumored to have consisted of the Core Four, Leandro Richlash, Kluk, and two other unknown Protectors.   Under the leadership of Aleesia Nailo, hundreds of Protectors were enlisted and countless lives were saved. As of 576, Aleesia is the long-standing Head Protector in history, with many more decades of success on the way.


Hobbies & Pets

Aleesia has her pet dire wolf with a fiendish origin, an affectionate pet as well as a terrifying opponent.

Neutral Good
Date of Birth
27th of Ilmaber, 371 AP
Year of Birth
371 AP
Cambeth, Pre-Elaria
Current Residence
Protector Base Alpha
Aligned Organization


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