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Leandro Richlash

Head of The MTE Division

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leandro was born in Sarolkovo, Polovska, in 382, about 16 years before the revolution. He was born into a rather poor family, being the only child in the household (older sister had run away to an outside country before Leandro was born). Leandro's father was barely still working age, and his mother also had to pick up a job to support the family. Despite this financial misfortune, Leandro and his mother recognized that the root cause of the family's misfortune was the father's irresponsibility (gambling, reckless spending, etc).
When Leandro turned 16, the revolution began, lighting the streets up with chaos. By the time the revolution had reached Sarolkovo, Richlash's father had been gone from home for 2 nights. As is common with many revolutions, monsters and creatures use their time of weakness and instability and invade. Sarolkovo, being on the border of Polovska, was very prone to goblin, orc, bugbear, and attacks of the like. Within the second night of the revolution, Richlash's household was invaded by a covetous goblin tribe. Leandro told his mother to hide in a locked bedroom as he grabbed the family heirloom sword. Leandro successfully fought off the attack, but not without some slight injuries.   Leandro and his mother spent the next few days fighting their way out of Polovska, and they soon settled in a small town in Wildebourne in 400. Leandro struggled to provide for the both of them, so he picked up mercenary work. These jobs, over the years, became more dangerous and more remote. One of these contracts was based in Kalleia, and Richlash was meant to deal with a violent mob that was causing trouble to the local people. Richlash, by a certain nightfall, had eliminated all but three of the mob over the course of one day. The final three were looting a house belonging to a single dad raising his baby. Leandro had taken one out and saved the baby, but he was just barely late to save the father from the last two. With the father's dying breaths, he told Leandro whom to give the baby to and used his skillful magic to bestow his lasting elven life onto Richlash.   Richlash was 20 at the time, and moved to Cambeth in 527, when he was 145. He continued to do his mercenary work there, meeting Ivellius Ilphelkiir. Ilphelkiir had hired him to help take out a destructive tribe of orcs that had been destroying every structure and also a lot of the landscape in Mielikki's playground. They successfully completed the job, and became good friends as a byproduct.   Leandro attended Ivellius and Althaea's wedding in late 543, where he would meet his future wife, Aleesia Nailo. He helped in the defense against the Monsters of Kalleia attacking Ivellius and Althaea's wedding, and thenceforth, Richlash would aid in several Protectors missions, until officially joining in 545 after the world had been saved. Leandro helped Nailo and the Ilphelkiirs build infrastructure and recruit members before becoming head of his own division: the Material Threat Elimination Divison.The MTE was very similar to mercenary work; the division's responsibility was taking out any serious humanoid threats to the public, often through assassination or incarceration.   Leandro Richlash married Aleesia Nailo in 546, and Aleesia gave birth to their daughter, Aurelia Nailo, the next year. Leandro was also involved in Operation: Otherworlds, in 568 (alongside the Core Four, Kluk and two other unknowns). Aurelia was a very skilled Protector of covert ops for a year, until resigning from the Protectors at age 16 for an unknown reason. Aurelia is said to still live at home with Aleesia and Leandro.


Leandro's education in Sarolkovo was poor, but it served its purpose.


Leandro Richlash had been a mercenary from 400 to 545 AP (145 years), and a Protector from 545 until the present (30 years).
Neutral Good
Date of Birth
1st of Lathambris, 382 AP
Year of Birth
382 AP
Sarolkovo, Polovska
Current Residence
Protector Base Alpha
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Polovskovian, bits and pieces of other languages.


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