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Wildebourne is home to around 81 million people, and leads the world in mechanical invention in a steampunk society. Wildebourne is arguably the most powerful and advanced nation in the realm.


Wildebourne is in the midst of their very own steampunk era - their level of technological development rivals that of Valland, except that the incredibly vast majority of their technology is built with the powers of the mundane. The almost magical properties stem from the supernatural materials that pervade the natural world.


Wildebourne was one of the few initial states that emerged out of the Great Partition during Year Zero. Wildebourne was founded within a fairly mountainous region, which lent itself to many dwarven forge clans. These dwarven forge clans were very prolific, largely due to the natural ores with supernatural qualities. As these clans rose in power, they began forming alliances with local villages, predominantly human. These humans could handle the maritime trade of which the dwarven people disliked. This allowed Wildebourne to prosper in technological development and trade far quicker than other dwarven peoples, as it was officially established in the late fall of Year 0.   Wildebourne continued their technological development at an immense speed over the next few centuries, inventing certain technologies the world could never dream of: airships, trains, firearms, sophisticated automatons that would eventually develop into fully-fledged warforged in the mid 6th century, all built upon the steam power that powered the entire country.

Demography and Population

Wildebourne has a total population of about 181 million people. The population density is fairly high, contrary to Valland. Valland has its population concentrated within its cities with sparse areas in between, whereas Wildebourne contains people more consistent throughout its smaller area.   Racial Makeup

Technological Level

Wildebourne is effectively tied for the most advanced nation across the entirety of the Material Plane. They are just as advanced as their main competitor, Valland, although Wildeburnian technology is primarily built upon supernatural elements of the natural world, as opposed to Valland's arcanotech.

Foreign Relations

Wildebourne's foreign relations are more positive within the Eastern continent, with the exception of Malrith. Nanyang has been a fairly positive diplomatic relation of Wildebourne for decades, but with the context of the Cold War, Polovska is very interested in a strong diplomatic relation, despite the essentially opposite economies.

Agriculture & Industry

Wildebourne is an industrial power, although their agriculture is largely steam-powered, so their agriculture is not the utmost focus of their growing technology. This highly advanced technology sets them apart from every other nation, as no other nation comes close to the steampunk industry of Wildebourne.

Trade & Transport

Much of Wildebourne's internal trade is carried by steam-powered trains, far and away the most efficient method of travel since its invention.

Founding Date
Year 0
Geopolitical, Country
Training Level
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Economic System
Market economy
Standard platinum, gold, silver, and copper pieces.


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