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Malrith is known as the vicious nation of orcs and other monstrous races, the bloodthirsty invaders and conquerors of the world.


While Malrith doesn’t necessarily have the most advanced or successful military, they definitely have the most brutal and vicious army. Very little magic is used, but recently, Malrith has invaded other countries for dead magic technology. They use dead magic offensively, casting a dead magic area over as much of the battlefield possible to prevent their opponents from using magic, leaving brutal Malrithian martial capabilities to take them out.


Malrith started as a band of bloodthirsty warriors that led a violent conquest over the former state of Zelkhor, completely conquering the entire area within a decade, all for the sole reason of conquest and a thirst for power. These proto-Malrithians wanted not only to respond with conflict but insitigate conflict to prove their military and national dominance.


Malrith has the most brutal, vicious, cruel, aggressive military, as well as the most used military. Some members of foreign militaries have never had to fight, whereas all new recruits are forced to attack and slaughter a village upon joining. Most of Malrith’s military consists of the barbarian class, with some of the fighter class and exceptionally few of the rogue class.


Malrithians, by law, are obligated to only believe in the laws of nature and survival of the fittest. Also of note, Malrithians are very cruel with the death penalty, so those who believe in anything other than what’s required are almost always put to a painful death.

Foreign Relations

The rest of the world recognizes Malrith’s aggression and brutality, so other countries are very weary with any treaty or agreement with Malrith, and rarely engage in trade. As a result of this, Malrith’s foreign relations are almost always bad, something that doesn’t concern the tyrant of Malrith in the slightest.

Agriculture & Industry

Malrithian soil is naturally pretty infertile, which served as the initial excuse for much of Malrith’s early conquest. Much of their food source comes from conquered lands, and some even comes from the practice of slaves (criminal offenders who aren’t killed) being forced to hunt.

Trade & Transport

Malrith does not indulge in trade with foreign relations.


Almost all Malrithians are illiterate (literacy is looked on negatively by the majority of Malrithians), the only education being military-based.

Founding Date
72 AP
Geopolitical, Country
Training Level


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