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Keem Goldthrone

Great Monarch of Gnormandy (a.k.a. The King)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Even before doubling his number of arms, Keem was at his physical peak, being less strong than perhaps only Kluk within the Protectors.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Keem Goldthrone was born into the wealthy royal family of the Goldthrones, which had ruled over Gnormandy for decades. Clearly, Keem didn't share his parent's mindset, as Keem led a worker's rebellion at the young age of 24 (gnomes typically settle into adulthood around age 40). In the chaos of a rebellion-torn kingdom, Keem was captured by the royal guard and excommunicated, winding up in the streets of Cambeth.   Driven either by the need for rebellion or racist ideals (or perhaps a mixture of both), Keem quickly became the subject of close monitoring by the Protectors. The Protectors ultimately decided to capture him and his instability to avoid Keem largely interfering with the Protectors' more peaceful revolutionary ways. Keem was imprisoned by the Protectors for months until he managed to escape during a pirate attack on Cambeth.   In this pirate attack, Keem fought the pirates tooth and nail until being captured by the Cambethian police force, alongside Aleesia Nailo, Khorrak Raghthroknaar, and Thundercat Bojangles (Keem was immediately placed in a straight jacket for assaulting a dwarven cellmate). After quickly breaking out of town jail, Those four then joined in fighting against an ongoing Magician zombie raid on the town. The Magician ultimately used his powerful magic to call a tsunami upon the town. As the wave rushed through the town, Aleesia drew upon one of her cards, shrinking her size to that of 3 inches tall. Perhaps in a wave of confusion due to the course of Keem's life changing by the minute, Keem accidentally shot a crossbow bolt directly at a minuscule Nailo, her arm then being obliterated due to the size comparison of a crossbow bolt and her body. The four Protectors washed up and attempted to kill Goldthrone for once and for all, but a possible divine intervention smited Bojangles.   After returning to Cambeth, Keem continued to run with the Protectors with a questionable standing with his coworkers. In the Magician's death, an eruption of pure magical energy fulfilled one of Keem's greatest desires, having his arms doubled in number.   Throughout Goldthrone's time as king, he began to build a relationship with a member of the previous wealthy elite, Nissa Embers. Soon enough, Keem and Nissa would get married, naming Nissa Goldthrone as the new queen of Gnormandy. Nissa returned to the life of luxury she was used to prior to the socialist revolution.   Also in Keem's time as king, he sent numerous expeditions to complete his collection of four magical shortswords. Goldthrone has not been in combat for a long while, so only the descriptions of the swords are known to the world. The first, for which Goldthrone coined the name "Gay-Blade", is able to fire a rainbow beam of pure radiance at Goldthrone's will. The second blade, which Keem acquired during his time as a Protector, is thought to be the counterpart to the Gay-Blade, being jet black in color and a supposed necrotic aura surrounding it. The third, a supposed elemental blade, has a blade that is constructed of four distinct "stripes:" a translucent orange, blue, white, and an opaque rock-like gray, representing the four elements. The fourth and final blade, which Keem acquired some time in 571, is the most mysterious. The blade is pitch black except for a metallic blue border around the blade. The blade reflects no visible light whatsoever, and is even seen as black to those with darkvision.   Keem returned to the rebellion in Gnormandy, uniting Gnormandy under one four-armed king. Since 545, Keem has stayed relatively reserved in terms of diplomacy. Similar to the Elaria & Valland relationship, no official alliance between Gnormandy and Wildebourne has been established, though they are very friendly and diplomatic towards one another. Gnormandy (Goldthrone) has expressed great interest in the firearms that Wildebourne sells.   As for Goldthrone's work as a Protector, the only supposed time he has aided in a mission since the world was saved was in a top secret mission known as Operation: Otherworlds in 568, a mission that supposedly inscluded the Core Four, Kluk, Leandro Richlash, and two other unknown Protectors.

Mental Trauma

Any mental trauma that led to Keem's unstable mental state at the time just before and during 545 is unknown to the world.


Family Ties

Goldthrone led a rebellion that resulted in the death of his family.

Wealth & Financial state

Being a socialist state, Goldthrone technically owns much of the wealth in Gnormandy.
note: This picture is as of before 3/1/545, as Keem now has four arms rather than two.
Chaotic Neutral
Date of Birth
28th of Silvamber, 520 AP
Year of Birth
520 AP
Gnorway, Gnormandy
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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