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A country of predominantly elves and half-elves, Elaria is famous for their posh and powerful upper class. Elaria is also located on a leakage of the Feywild, wherein mystical elements of the Feywild seep into the Material Plane, creating a very magically unusual environment.


The political organization consists of a powerful parliament that is democratically elected, each member mostly coming from three political parties; the The Laissez-Faire Party, the The Legalist Party, and the The Theocratic Party.


Elaria initially began as a colony of Astria in 34 AP, in a land that was largely overtaken by the feywild bleeding into the material plane. This led to many natural resources and a very beautiful landscape, so Elaria became very wealthy very quickly (most of the wealth in the hands of wealthy elven and human landowners, and little wealth to the working class). Over several decades, Elaria became distasteful of the taxing and money in general going to the Astrian state, regardless of however fair it may be. They officially declared independence from Astria in 96 AP, an endeavor that Astria was too busy with their entire political state collapsing to deal with. Elaria began to create and build using their flourishing economy of free market production and capitalism, as well as exports from fey resources.

Demography and Population

Elaria has a total population of about 62 million people. The vast majority of the population is comprised of elves and humans. The population is very localized, with patches of fey forest in between very extravagant cities.   Racial Makeup


Elarians do have a good portion of religious citizens and even a large theocratic political party, but usually their chauvinist and conceited personalities trump religious mindfulness.

Agriculture & Industry

Elaria has a good mix of both agriculture and industry, with no particular specialization in either. They do, however, produce very unique agricultural goods originating from their fey forests.

Founding Date
96 AP
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Elarians pronounce the country's name so that the "ar" syllable rhymes with scar, but essentially everybody else pronounces it so that the "ar" rhymes with air. Elarians will pretentiously correct any and all who pronounce it the latter way.
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
The most lucrative of Elaria's exports by far are the materials and resources from their feywild-like environment. Much of the materials are very useful in creating magic items (very popular with Vallandian buyers) and some of the resources are also used for medicinal purposes.

Neighboring Nations


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