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Eastern Culture

In present-day Scarlet, the eastern coast is experiencing an unprecedented period of economic growth and prosperity. At this point in Scarlesian history, consumer culture is king; great numbers of Scarlesians are purchasing Vallandian automobiles, magical and electrical appliances, radios, televisions, and more. This period is also witness to explosions in art forms, notably cinema and music. Jazz, a genre of music specific to Scarlet, dominates the music industry and can be heard echoing throughout any major city.  

Western Culture

The Scarlesian West is a vast desert of hardships and crime. Westerners have much less of a respect for the law, accompanied by the fact that the law doesn't have a strong presence. Technology is also much rarer is Western society, therefore the people are left more to nature's elements. These aspects of the West give way to a culture focused on survival and prosperity; survival of nature and deadly outlaws, and prosperity of wealth in absence of the law and/or civilization.


The land of Scarlet was once part of the nation of Astria, one of the 4 nations to initially form during the Great Partition (alongside Valland, Wildebourne, and Zelkhor). Astria would later become Elaria, still encompassing the mass of land that would become Scarlet. In 376 AP, Scarlet became independent in the second year of a seven-year revolutionary war with the oppressive Elarian government, becoming a sovereign nation with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Elaria largely gave up on the war based on the idea that dropping the weaker, less wealthy side to their country would create a stronger nation as a whole. The suddenly-created government named their new country Scarlet, after the vibrant red color of the phoenix, their national bird.   In the following centuries, Scarlet would endure a very slow process of urbanization and industrialization, aided primarily by Wildeburnian and Vallandian imports. Despite incredible progress, effectively the eastern side of the country was urbanized into a noir setting, whereas the further west you go, the less civilization and law is established. This created two starkly different cultures in Scarlet, with the civilized urban population of businessmen and factory workers of the east contrasted with the uncivilized rural population of ranchers and outlaws.

Demography and Population

Scarlet has a population of around 101 million, mostly consisting of humans. The eastern side is far more populated than the west, with almost 10 times the people claiming the east coast as their home.   Racial Makeup

Technological Level

Scarlet's technology mainly consists of a fusion of Wildeburnian and Vallandian imports, creating a unique society in terms of a magical and mechanical balance. One notable piece of technology that is unique to Scarlet are airplanes; these wonders of technology, made mostly of mechanical parts with certain arcane enhancements, are capable of flying through the air at high speeds. These airplanes could travel as fast as top-of-the-line Vallandian cars, and far faster than Wildeburnian airships. These airplanes also play an important role in Scarlet's military, with among the world's most powerful air forces.

Foreign Relations

Scarlet tends to stay in neutral in international affairs, holding a tradition of isolationism close to their foreign policy. This is the case for Valland and Wildebourne as well, notably being prime importers of technology from both sides, creating a technological fusion in their urbanized areas.

Agriculture & Industry

Scarlet has both a sizable agricultural and manufacturing industry, with agriculture more popular in the west and manufacturing more popular in the east. Eastern manufacturing methods are largely based on Wildeburnian technology, with a healthy mixture of Vallandian tech within the actual products. Western agriculture exists from small, family or household-run farms to wealthy plantations and estates with acres upon acres of farmland.
Founding Date
376 AP
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Scarlesian currency consists of dollars and cents, wherein 1 dollar consists of 100 cents. One Scarlesian dollar is roughly equal to 1 common gold piece. Although, next to no citizen of Scarlet refers to their money by its actual names. Popular eastern terms for dollars include clams and bones, while western terms include bucks and greenbacks.
Major Imports
The biggest contributor to Scarlet's technology are its imports; Scarlet is a rarity in the world in that they receive imports from both Valland and Wildebourne; most countries tend to stick to whatever country they're closer to (geographically or diplomatically). This creates a mix of the two nations' inventions, like Vallandian cars and appliances, Wildeburnian factories and radios, and more.
Legislative Body
Scarlet's legislature consists of a federal Congress, which consists of elected representatives that are tasked with creating the laws of the nation. Each province of Scarlet also has its own legislature, still consisting of elected representatives. While both provincial and the federal government have their own legislature, federal law supersedes provincial law.
Judicial Body
The Scarlesian judicial system consists of several local courts both on the provincial and city level, as well as the Supreme Court on the federal level.
Executive Body
The executive body of Scarlet consists of the local and provincial police forces, but at the federal level consists of the elected President of the nation.
Neighboring Nations


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