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Thundercat Bojangles

Former Protector (a.k.a. The Knight)

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Aside from his knightly Protectors armor, Bojangles is characterized by his enormous arcane shield that he carried into battle to protect his allies.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Thundercat grew up in a village on the outskirts of Cambeth that worshipped Helm, god of protection. Throughout his whole life, he longed to become a valiant knight, and moved to Cambeth at age 24 to fulfill this. Within weeks of living in the town, the annual celebration of a successful defense against Malrith was attacked by the magician, in which numerous members of the Underground showed up to fight against. Thundercat willingly joined in the fight (as well as his future colleague Khorrak Raghthroknaar), and was cordially recruited by the Underground.   Thundercat and Khorrak went on several missions alongside each other, and are even the ones responsible for bringing the Protectors name back. This teamwork continued as Aleesia Nailo, a longtime Protector who would join their group and complete a reconnaissance mission on the Null Division until their operations were interrupted by the Magician's destructive tsunami, leaving them with a new group member, Keem Goldthrone. As punishment for shooting off Nailo's arm, Bojangles attempted to kill Goldthrone before being interrupted by, presumably, Helm. Thundercat was cut off from Helm and his divine power from then on.   After returning to Cambeth, the four plus Althaea Galanodel liberated dozens of Protectors from a hanging and Thundercat delivered a rousing speech to the citizens that completely shifted the opinion of the public.   Soon enough, a Malrithian invasion was unleashed on Cambeth's coastline, and in a magnificent feat of power, Thundercat's arcane barrier extended outwards, serving as a shield for the entire town. The Protectors fought off the attack successfully with the help of Thundercat's barrier.   During Thundercat's time as a Protector, he met another paladin of helm, Iris Laureon. The two quickly became intertwined in a romantic relationship. Despite Iris being uninterested in joining the Protectors, she aided in a few missions for the good of the world. This happy relationship remained until the Magician killed Iris as a consequence of Thundercat's actions.   After saving the world, Thundercat retired from the Protectors to raise his child, Khorrak Bojangles (although he was still on reserve for any mission he may be needed in). Khorrak Bojangles would eventually become a brave Protector, much like his father.   The only time Thundercat has re-entered the field was a classified Protectors mission known as Operation: Otherworlds in 568.


Other than odds and ends in his small home village, Thundercat's only career has been as a Protector. His current job, if any, is unknown.

Personality Characteristics


Thundercat's desire to help and save as many people as he could fit right in with the Protectors' goal. Also, his god's, the god of protection, domain and tenets were extremely comparable to the Protectors' goal as well.


Contacts & Relations

Thundercat is still in contact with all of his former Protector colleagues, except possibly Keem and Khorrak.

Family Ties

Thundercat's main family is his son, Khorrak, whom he is very proud of.

Religious Views

Thundercat is a devout paladin of Helm, and that moral compass was greatly in tune with his duties as a Protector.


Althaea Ilphelkiir

Friend (Important)

Towards Thundercat Bojangles



Thundercat Bojangles

Friend (Trivial)

Towards Althaea Ilphelkiir



Lawful Good
Date of Birth
25th of Helmber, 519 AP
Year of Birth
519 AP
Helmsville, Cambeth
Current Residence
Other Affiliations


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