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Jako Blackwater

Former King of the Inferno

Jako Blackwater was the King of the Inferno since its creation in 546 AP, before dying to a flaming demonic attack thirty years later. He is also the father of Balasar Blackwater, member of the Black Dawn, an infamous Vallandian criminal gang.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

In his time as King of the Inferno, Jako Blackwater had commissioned one of his knights to create a suit of power armor, combining use of scrapped Vallandian technomagic and Wildeburnian mechanical engineering.   Jako also wields a legendary artifact known as Blackrazor, an evil sentient longsword that grants him the power to drain the life force of his victims and to absorb it himself. According to legend, this ability may also corrupt the wielder's mind.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Jako Blackwater was born in 518 AP, in the former nation of Reagarr. Jako was born into a victory family, meaning that his grandfather had won the arena championship at a certain point, earning his bloodline freedom from the contest. This did not keep Jako from gaining his own combative ability, becoming proficient in heavy weapons and always one to employ the use of heavy armor. Blackwater, unlike the rest of his family, seemed discontent with Reagarr's current state, seeing more in its potential. Jako hated the inaction of his country; Reagarr seemed content with just staying put and pitting its own citizens against each other. Blackwater thought they could be so much more, and hoped to one day fulfill that.  

Kingdom Come

Reagarr's former glory came to a burning end in 545 AP, when an Elite Protectors escape from the arena ended in Criella Hope's sacrifice and subsequent explosion. This explosion, whose ground zero was located at the capital arena, completely leveled the country's infrastructure, turning the nation into a desolate wasteland of flame and ruin. Luckily, Jako was settled closer to the border, allowing him to survive the accident. The rest of his family was not so fortunate.   In the ruins of his home, Jako was nonetheless ambitious. He set out to rebuild, to create a stronger and grander nation with Reagarr's debris. Jako set out to find allies, to forge relationships to further this goal, and would eventually find his first love in this mission.  

Starting a Family

Roaming the burning ruins, Jako came across a battlefield filled with the drained corpses of soldiers, with a beautiful and unscathed woman standing at the center of it. The two fell in love, the woman eventually becoming pregnant. Jako was delighted, now having an heir to the empire he had hoped to rebuild. The woman, however, had to disclose her true godly nature to Jako, revealing that she was Shar, goddess of darkness and loss, in human form. In bearing a child, Shar would be betraying the trust of her pantheon. Shar agreed to keep the child, but she would eventually leave the Material Plane at the child's birth.   Jako's world came crashing down; once an ambitious future father, Jako became a ruthless criminal. Jako instilled this corrupted mission of conquest onto his new son, whom he named Balasar Blackwater. Balasar was taught to be a ruthless criminal, like his father, since he was able to walk.  

The Inferno

After Shar's eventual departure from the Material Plane, Jako founded the Inferno, a merciless gang of criminals and bikers looking to assert their power over the wastes. Jako created the Inferno as a means to his end; to restore the former glory of his home and create a powerful new empire. He established himself as the King, as well as his team of Knights, effectively his right-hand advisors and enforcers. Balasar was initially destined to lead the Knights, until he would take Jako's place as the rightful heir to the Inferno.   By the mid-550s, the Inferno had become the most powerful faction in the Wastelands of Reagarr. At some point during this rise to power, Jako had acquired Blackrazor, an evil sentient longsword with the power to drain the life force of its victims and imbue it onto its wielder, but supposedly corrupt the wielder in doing so.   Much to Jako's disappointment, Balasar did not grow into his heirship as Jako had hoped. His son wished to explore the world outside of the burning desert in which he had grown up, and establish his own name in the criminal underworld. Jako would eventually agree to letting Balasar leave him, under only one condition; Jako madly demanded that Balasar give up his right eye, so as to never forget his betrayal of the Inferno.  

Death in Flames

Jako had continued his reign in the Wastelands of Reagarr, although not gaining much more influence as his turf essentially consisted of endless dunes of sand and fire. Eventually, Jako led the Inferno in breaking out his head knight Daedalus and other members of the Black Dawn Jinx and Tarik Gamathanki from a Protectors holding cell following their apprehension by the Slicers. Jako had done this after an alliance with Avaahn Casper. This event prompted the Black Dawn's mission in eliminating the Slicers, which led them to the Inferno's turf.   Unfortunately for the Inferno, Valtar Illistyn has infiltrated their ranks, disgusing himself as the Allseer (one of Jako's knights). This impostor had orchestrated a coup within the Inferno, persuading a sizable portion of power-mad gangsters to overthrow Jako. Once the Black Dawn found the original Allseer's body, the Inferno erupted into a violent battle between gangsters, a vehicle fight through the desert which ended in Jako's death. Incited by the Great Blackout, an enormous firey demonic creature crawled out of the crater at ground zero, and destroyed Jako's semitruck. Both Jako and Blackrazor fell into the crater, never to be seen again.
Chaotic Impure
Date of Birth
24th of Tembris, 518 AP
Date of Death
5th of Silvamber, 575 AP
518 AP 575 AP
Light blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6'2" (6'6" in armor)
180 lbs
Aligned Organization
Jako Blackwater nearly always wore his suit of armor, making him a powerful force to be reckoned with.


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