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Vay de la Pour

Knight of the Inferno

Vay de la Pour is one of the Knights of the Inferno, and an elemental being made of pure smoke. This sentient cloud of smog is the primary scout of the Inferno, a creature many have never heard utter a single word.

Physical Description

Facial Features

The only part of Vay's body that isn't made up of pure smoke are the crude markings of eye sockets and a mouth. They don’t usually have a face, but seemingly when they want to, they’re able to light up those features like fire in order to emote. They often do this to terrify their enemies.

Special abilities

Like all the Knights of the Inferno, Vay de la Pour has a pact with Blackrazor, giving them useful magical abilities.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known about Vay de la Pour's origin, only secondhand info from Jasmine Brimstone. When Vay rarely decides to speak, they only say a handful of threatening words.   According to Jasmine Brimstone, Vay was one of the many non-humanoid contestants in Reagarr's arena. Since they weren't a humanoid, they weren't afforded any of the cool perks of victory or the drawbacks to loss. Vay was there to fight, and be kept in captivity otherwise. Jasmine had fought Vay several times, and it seems as if they were about even on wins. Luckily, they've put that past behind them and their rivalry has been reduced to a few passing remarks. A few gangsters claim that Vay only opens their mouth to frighten others and gloat to Jasmine.   In 569 AP, Jako Blackwater and the Inferno happened upon their magical containment (a glowing metal case, about the size of a bird cage) in a supply raid of another gang. The rival gang had no idea what it was or what to do with it, but Jasmine Brimstone remembered exactly what it was as soon as she laid her eyes on it. Luckily, she had even remembered how to activate it from her several fights with the elemental.   The Inferno opened the case, and managed to talk Vay down enough to be inducted into the Inferno. And with their first words to the gang, they agreed to join Jako Blackwater's gang if and only if they were to be taken as a Knight of the Inferno. Blackwater agreed, and Vay de la Pour became the most recently appointed Knight of the Inferno.

Gender Identity

Vay de la Pour's biological makeup transcends any humanoid concept of gender or sex.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
According to Jasmine Brimstone, Vay's name comes from the fact that his naming rights were probably bought out by some rich Elarian fan. As a Grand Contestant, she was exempt from this, but it wasn't uncommon for wealthy viewers to pay large amounts of money to name a non-humanoid contestant. Regardless, they seem to be content with the name as they haven't expressed otherwise.
None (sockets occasionally fill with fire)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pure smoke
Aligned Organization


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