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King Daedalus

Daedalus is the name of the current King of the Inferno, the second in its existence. Daedalus is also known as a former member of the Black Dawn, before their disbandment in 575 AP and his subsequent return to the Inferno after Jako Blackwater's death.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Fallout

Daedalus was a member of the Reagarrian royal guard, before Reagarr's destruction by Criella Hope. In the fallout of the blast, Daedalus helped form the Inferno from the survivors of the blast alongside Jako Blackwater. He would go on to eventually become Jako's most trusted ally, thus forming the Knights of the Inferno and becoming its first member.  

Lighting the Inferno

Daedalus spent the next 3 decades riding across the Wastelands of Reagarr, establishing the Inferno's power and accruing new members. The second member of the knights turned out to be the Allseer, whom Jako found blind and starving in a cave while Daedalus was overseeing the gang. To prove the The Allseer's loyalty to the gang (rather than a selfish desire towards Blackrazor), Daedalus proposed that he make a pact with Blackrazor. This practice held up to each Knight of the Inferno to come.   Six years later in 553, the Inferno happened upon Colgert testing out one of his inventions, at which point Blackwater took him under his wing, making him a Knight within months. Colgert is responsible for the Inferno's use of modded vehicles they're infamous for today.   Daedalus and the Inferno would operate with just a trinity of Knights for over a decade until 566, when they encountered Jasmine Brimstone, a frozen Grand Contestant of the Reagarrian arena. Jasmine Brimstone was in a state of suspended animation as a Grand Contestant, until being broken out and inducted as Knight in a matter of weeks.   The very next year, Jako Blackwater made a risky move to hire the infamous "Black Mamba," a skilled yuan-ti manipulator and toppler of gangs by the name of Itzu. And finally, Daedalus and the Inferno encountered a magical capsule that held the spirit of an air elemental from the age of the arena, which Jasmine Brimstone was able to activate and release Vay de la Pour. They were convinced by Jako Blackwater to run with the Inferno, as long as they were made a Knight. And with that, the final Knight had been hired.  

The Black Dawn

After the (apparent) death of Jako Blackwater's son Balasar, Daedalus was sent by his King to retrieve the Misfits of Valland for a meeting. Jako Blackwater never did reveal the reason for this meeting, although it likely had something to do with his later bargain with Avaahn Casper. After their botched heist of a Protectors Base, Daedalus began to escort the Misfits to the Wastelands of Reagarr. Unfortunately, the journey was interrupted by the Slicers who were sent to eliminate the criminals. After being wiped out, Daedalus woke up in a Protectors cell block.   A few weeks later, Jako Blackwater led a prison riot after a deal with Avaahn Casper, breaking the criminals out of prison. As part of the deal, Daedalus spent the next several weeks eliminating the Slicers one by one, until he co-murdered Alathar Casper, Avaahn Casper's brother, against Avaahn's explicit wishes. The Black Dawn henceforth disbanded.  

Return to Hell

After that, Daedalus returned to the Wastelands of Reagarr to take Jako Blackwater's place after his death in a battle with Valtar Illistyn with Tarik Gamathanki, only for Daedalus to send Gamathanki away on threat of death. Daedalus was crowned King of the Inferno, and appointed Jasmine Brimstone as his Head Knight.

King Daedalus of Reagarr Former Knight of the Inferno Former Head of the Royal Guard of Reagarr

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Lawful Evil
Current Location
Short, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
200 lbs
Aligned Organization


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