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Balasar Blackwater

Son of the Night Balasar Blackwater (a.k.a. Dark One)

From the coupling of an infamous gang member, Jako Blackwater, and the goddess of darkness, rises the reckoning of the realm. Destined to change the world for the worse, Balasar steps out of the shadows, and, wielding the knowledge of an ancient artifact, plans to fulfill his divine right.   Born into a broken family, strife with the bloodlust and chaos of the criminal world, Balasar's innate darkness was harnessed for his father's gain. Now, Balasar uses the only two things his father ever gave him: His name, and oath to fulfill the desires of Blackrazor, to upend the world for his own gain.

Physical Description

Facial Features

The scar from Balasar's eye extends to his upper lip, and he constantly grimaces.

Identifying Characteristics

Balasar is missing his right eye, and when he is angry emanates an aura of darkness.

Apparel & Accessories

Balasar wears a breast plate made of dark metal, underneath which he has kevlar plates. Most of his exposed skin is covered through a thin black fabric that flows around him, and he wears a mask that covers his face, glowing orange like an ember.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Balasar's parents, Jako and Shar, met in the Wastelands of Reagarr. Jako was a mid level criminal hoping to make a name for himself, which he did through recruiting survivors of the blast into a gang that roamed the wastes, which would later evolve into the Inferno. Jako came upon Shar surrounded by the drained husks of soldiers, not a mark on her. Jako and Shar fell in love with each other, and eventually Shar was with child. Jako was ecstatic, wanting a child that would be the heir to the empire he hoped to build. Shar, however, had to unveil many secrets to Jako. Shar was actually the goddess of darkness and loss, and she knew she had betrayed the trust of the other gods by mothering a child. She agreed to keep the child, but she would have to leave the material plane as soon as possible, to never return. This loss broke Jako, an originally happy, and ambitious man, turned sour to the world around him, including to his own son. Once Balasar was old enough to carry a gun, Jako made a criminal out of him. He used the powers bestowed upon him by his divine heritage to cause distraction and chaos in crowds, while Jako and his goons used the opportunity to commit criminal acts, before escaping back into the wastes. Balasar wanted to explore the world around him, make his own name in the underworld, adventure into cities and sail the seas, not live in the desert and wither away while grasping a sliver of power. His father agreed he could leave the Inferno under one condition: He paid with his eye, so he would never forget how he betrayed his family.   Balasar agreed, and left the wastes, never returning, and never forgetting how his father scarred him. Upon leaving the wastes, he met his first friend. A stupid, malleable goliath named Tarik Gamathanki. Balasar persuaded him to help create themselves a name in the criminal underworld, and together they went to steal an EMP from Virelios Castellan.   Upon finding out the whole heist was a ruse, Balasar and Tarik agreed to work for Castellan (Balasar very begrudgingly), and aligned themselves with Avaahn Casper and Jinx in an attempt for Castellan to gain control of the criminal underworld. During a mission to retrieve a matter destroyer from the Cromoni crime family, Balasar murdered Godfather Searus Cromoni in his own office, before escaping with the rest of the crew. It didn't take long for the Misfits of Valland to turn on Castellan and snitch on him, landing both the Black Dawn and Castellan in prison, where Balasar encountered Cromoni's daughter, who assaulted him. Balasar was pissed, but also understood the anger Cromoni had. He originally thought her vendetta against the Black Dawn was because of him, not because Avaahn killed her lover.   After escaping from the Black Mountain, the group attempted to enter a Protectors base and steal a cache of magic items. It was during this attempt that Balasar sacrificed his life to ensure the escape for Jinx, taking a hit from Kluk that would allow Jinx to get away. This was one of the first times Balasar did something that endangered himself to save someone he cared about, and will probably be the last, given that he died. However, Balasar was resurrected by the Protectors and imprisoned in Protector Compound: Aqua. During his stay, Balasar encountered many criminals unlike him, terrorists and ideologues who fought for their manifestos, while Balasar fought for gold and glory. Balasar promised himself he would never return to prison, and now that he has tasted free air again, he will sooner die than put himself back in a locked box.


Balasar had no formal forms of education, and quite often it shows. All of his knowledge was gained from living out in the world, and the lessons his father taught him.


Contacts & Relations

Balasar is still connected to the Inferno, being the son of their most recent leader, but has no interest in their association.

Family Ties

Balasar's father, Jako, was the Inferno's original leader, and fought relentlessly to increase their power in the wastes. His mother, Shar , is the Goddess of darkness and loss.

Religious Views

Balasar prays to Shar nightly, in his own special ritual where he lights a number of matches, and not sleeping until they burn themselves out.

Social Aptitude

Balasar does not mesh well with others, and some view him as abrasive, and an 'asshole'.

Hobbies & Pets

Balasar has his pet robodog, Ajax, who fights by his side in combat.

Balasar Blackwater wields the power of the gods, a daedric artifact, and his own rage. He uses these powers to torment the universe, and disrupt the world around him however he may.

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Chaotic Neutral
Date of Birth
1st of Lathambris
The Wastes of Reagarr
Current Residence
The Road
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Celestial, Thieves' Cant, Undercommon


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