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Black Mountain Maximum Security Prison

"No one escapes from the Black Mountain."

Few criminals find themselves a place at the Black Mountain; only the most elite and infamous lawbreakers find themselves incarcerated there. Even further, their solitary confinement is complete removal from the outside world, perhaps the closest one can get to death without injury. Only 9 people, in the worst prison riot in the prison's history, managed to escape. When one is imprisoned in the Black Mountain, there they stay the rest of their existence.

Purpose / Function

The Black Mountain was built as the isolated landfill for Valland's worst criminal trash, to make escape impossible for even the most powerful spellcasters and escapists.


The Black Mountain consists of a main atrium, where criminals enter their area, also where the cafeteria is. There are six large halls containing the cells stemming off of the atrium, each four floors up and perhaps a hundred cells down. Solitary confinement, for the most dangerous and deadly prisoners (note: almost exclusively non-humanoid but sentient creatures of lethal capability), was placed above the main area, simply stacks and floors of prison cells. The solitary cells, although much worse to be in, were larger and more comfortable than the ones in the main area.   Accessible only to prison staff, the basement of the Black Mountain consists of the exit of the prison. It holds all of the prison staff's rooms and living areas, as well as the deadmagic generator.


There is really only one entrance to the prison, the large dock at the base of the structure. This is where the prisoners are dropped off and taken to the prisoner area, also where the guards enter to clock in for their long shifts.   In the prisoner area, there are no windows at all, instead artificial arcanoscreens that display a fake landscape. There are two doors, both guarded. The front one, at the base of the circular room, leads out towards the entrance to the prison. The second, at the end of the middle cell block, leads to the power generator, the room that keeps the belongings of all prisoners temporarily, and a dock for guards to exit.


The Black Mountain is constantly upgraded to stay at the peak of deadmagic technology, but the current deadmagic implemented at the prison has remained for years.


Only certain prison staff and enforcement executives are allowed sight of what the Black Mountain looks like from the outside. On the inside, the prison consists of high, arched ceilings, and cell block hallways multiple stories high. The floors are made out of a smooth, light concrete and the walls are sleek and white. There are no windows in any of the rooms in which the prisoners are allowed.

Alternative Names
The Black Mountain
Owning Organization
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