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Session VI: The Black Mountain

General Summary

In the absolute dead of night, the The Black Dawn (plus one furiously terrified businessman from which Jinx stole a face) arrived at Black Mountain Maximum Security Prison. This facility was not a mountain at all, but instead an entirely manmade structure built in the middle of the Vallandian sea.   The four criminals were taken to an interrogation room by several armed guards, but notably, armed with nonmagical crossbows and donning mundane armor. The Black Mountain housed the most advanced deadmagic technology the group had ever seen. The Black Mountain, unlike most deadmagic fields, not only prevents spells, cantrips, and magic items from working, but also prevents any supernatural or magical effect outside of the inherent physical laws of nature. Therefore, all class and race features that exhibit any divine, arcane, or unnatural property in any way do not work. Avaahn Casper wasn't invisible in darkness as usual, Balasar couldn't summon his shotgun nor even use it if he had it, Tarik couldn't control the four elements nor use his ki, and Jinx couldn't use hacking tools. Jinx could change her appearance as usual, although she was drugged after the interrogation to prevent her from doing so.   During the interrogation, the four of them were restrained and their belongings were confiscated to prevent from any spells being cast in the only occasionally-magically active room in the prison. They were subjected to a zone of truth as well as a detect thoughts spell, forced to comply with both of the spells. The Misfits revealed all of their criminal history as they knew it, also ratting out Virelios Castellan as the orchestrator of their crimes. The interrogation ended with the police setting out to arrest him immediately.   The criminals were all brought to their own personal cells, placed far away from each other. They had arrived past dinnertime, so many of the inmates had made their way to their cells. In the gym, Tarik met a blue dragonborn by the name of Thyreos Xaltakarr , who was then discovered to be the "Son of Zeus" a legendary hero from Tarik's home country of Kalleia . That night, Balasar had also met a most unwanted fellow inmate: Isabella Cromoni. Isabella was in the Mountain along with quite a big group of the Cromoni Family, and not to happy about the murder of her father. Blackwater was the victim of a brutal kneecapping that night, but learned of a loose bar in one the prison benches used to bash his kneecaps in.   The next morning, the gang began to hatch their plan as well as keep their eyes out for Castellan's arrival. They noticed him being taken in through a top floor window, but hadn't seen him since. The group elected the help of Thyreos Xaltakarr for their escape. They also became acquainted with Milo Vale and Malia Deceit, a criminal couple skilled in deception and infiltration. Vale and Deceit relayed that the deadmagic generator was located deep in the basement past a well-guarded door in the back of the prison.   Towards the end of the day, the first step of the plan was made with Avaahn's assassination of those guards in front of the backroom doors using a cafeteria fork. They made their way to the generator disguised as those guards, and Thyreos fired a lightning bolt directly into the device, causing a controlled explosion that wouldn't be heard in the main prison. Balasar Blackwater moved back up to the prison, only to fire his weapon in the air, showing that magic worked once again. A full-scale prison riot erupted in an instant, providing the group with the much needed chaos that could mask their escape. The group hacked and slashed their way to the back dock entrance/exit to the prison, making their way through multiple guards before Jinx was able to conjure a boat for their escape. The 4 Misfits , accompanied by Malia, Milo, Thyreos, and two members of the Kazoku (a crime family formed of the remnants of a conquered people). However, unbeknownst to the group, the two Kazoku men were instead a disguised Virelios Castellan and Isabella Cromoni.   After a hard battle for escape at sea, the crew landed on the southern coast of Valland, successfully the first people to ever escape the Black Mountain Maximum Security Prison.   Grievances: 3
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
28 Dec 2019


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