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The Black Dawn

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The Singularity Realm
Tembris 9th, 575 AP | Full

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Supporting Cast
  • Milo Vale
    Handsome but dangerous drow bard of the Valed Deceit, Milo Vale made a name for himself as the most famous musical criminal in Valland. His death came about at the hands of his one-time allies, the Black Dawn.
  • Thyreos Xaltakarr
    A strong but silent dragonborn from Kalleia, Thyreos was once the "Son of Zeus," a folk hero of his homeland, before turning to a life of arson.
  • Virelios Castellan
    Father of Jinx, Virelios Castellan was the former employer of the Black Dawn, until his death at their hands.

Sessions Archive

13th Jul 2020

Session XII: Domestic Dispute

The Black Dawn venture to Avaahn's family manor in Elaria, only to find their target, Alathar Casper, aided by his twin Elincia and the spellcaster of the Slicers. After defeating the three, Alathar was killed against Avaahn's wishes and the group was torn apart

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29th Jun 2020

Session XI: Stonebreaker vs. Boulderstrike

The Black Dawn travel to the mountains of Kalleia, in search for the minotaur of the Slicers. Tarik Gamathanki and the minotaur have a prophesized battle, in which Tarik comes out the winner.

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24th Jun 2020

Session X: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Black Dawn travel to the Wastelands of Reagarr in search of Valtar Illistyn, the sniper of the Slicers. They discover Illistyn has disguised himself as a member of the Inferno and turned much of the gang onto his side, ensuing an Inferno civil war.

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19th Jun 2020

Session IX: Hereditary Adversary

The Misfits of Valland hunt down the android Slicer, CDA-2, and trace its history back to Virelios Castellan. The criminals start a fight with their former employer and his new hires: Milo Vale and Malia Deceit.

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18th Mar 2020

Session VIII: Sliced

The Misfits of Valland meet a most terrifying adversary in the form of the world's most deadly group of mercenaries.

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25th Jan 2020

Session VII: Outmatched

The Misfits go for the Castellan's secret big score planned before incarceration, unknowingly on their way to rob Protector Base Delta.

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28th Dec 2019

Session VI: The Black Mountain

The Misfits, with the acquisition of three new criminal associates, conduct their very first prison break out of Black Mountain Maximum Security Prison.

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14th Dec 2019

Session V: Resisting Arrest

The Black Dawn made perhaps the most incredibly brainless decisions in criminal history, landing in the most secure prison in all of Valland.

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8th Jun 2019

Session IV: Meet the Cromonis

The Misfits infiltrate a banquet of the Cromoni Family, the most notorious mafia family in Valland, in search of a device that Castellan dubbed a "matter destroyer". This previously silent job resulted in the murder of Valland's biggest mob boss.

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6th Jun 2019

Session III: Airborne Action

The Misfits take on their first real assignment from their employer, tasked with robbing a Wildeburnian airship of their experimental learning robot.

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30th Mar 2019

Session II: Pixie Dusted

The Misfits infiltrate a Vampire Lair to secure one of Castellan's stolen narcotics shipments, later escaping the police hopped on the very same drugs.

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9th Mar 2019

Session I: The Misfits

Four unsuspecting criminals play right into Castellan's hand.

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The Protagonists

King Daedalus