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Milo Vale

Xadath Zaphrabar (a.k.a. Milo Vale)

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Milo Vale's main magic item was a magical instrument that could instantly switch between an electric guitar and a floating keyboard. Other than that, he did drive a prototype to the Nightrunner with Malia Deceit during his time under Virelios Castellan.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Being born a drow in Silvis, Valland, Xadath was already in a spot of morally dubious origin. His parents were both members of the Venomshroud gang, although much of his life was spent being babysat as his parents committed crimes, a negligent attempt at childcare. Regardless, much of his time was spent getting music lessons merely to keep him busy. This absence of parents and constant changing of babysitters to avoid being exposed made it very hard for Xadath to adopt an identity of his own.   At age 12, Milo stopped receiving babysitters, rather just watching himself. Soon after, Xadath became restless, and slowly increased attempts at escaping the house for a bit. His parents were gone for weeks at a time, and he could find enough money around the house for shopping sprees. At this point in his life, he was introduced to the world of music. Seeing stars like Diero Starlight on arcano-screens inspired him, and he explored that. He made one huge purchase, an extravagantly lit up arcane guitar, one he still uses today.   He found many places to perform, first in just local taverns and restaurants, but as his ambition and desire for playing increased, he resorted to darker corners of the town. This exposed him to the world of crime he had spent his whole life being shielded from. Xadath adopted the name Milo Vale, externally because no one wants to do business with a demon name like that, but internally it showed him he made his own life, not his parents.  

Life of Crime

He began to indulge himself into this world of crime further and further, and his parents soon figured out. Instead of doing anything, they seemed to not care. This drove Milo to just run away, doubtful that his parents would care. Regardless, this action gave him a reputation, as the Zaphrabar name was fairly known in the Vallandian  criminal underworld.   In this new page of his life, he met Malia Deceit, a feisty tiefling who also had a knack for charm, although she had been in the world of espionage and shady operations for longer than he had. Regardless, his performance ability proved very useful in charming the victims of their crime. A romantic relationship soon blossomed out of their partnership in crime, forming the infamous criminal duo the Valed Deceit.   On one fateful sting operation, they were trying to get their way into a local aristocrat and snobby business owner get-together in Valland, trying to use their charm to acquire an experimental spell battery. The whole party was actually to celebrate the development of a completely different piece of technology, one that when triggered would absorb the kinetic energy in the vicinity. They were frozen in place on their way to the dummy item, and when caught, previous crimes were traced back to them, landing them in Black Mountain Maximum Security Prison. As of Session 6, they had been there for 3 weeks before escaping in cohorts with the Black Dawn and Thyreos Xaltakarr.   Shortly after escaping prison, the extended Misfits burgled Protector Base Gamma, wherein Balasar Blackwater had been defeated by Kluk. After this botched mission, the Valed Deceit and the Black Dawn and Thyreos Xaltakarr went on their own separate ways, until they would meet one final time on the day of Milo's death.  

Under New Management

The The Valed Deceit was hired by Virelios Castellan after their run-in with the Slicers, in a desperate attempt to find and capture his daughter, and to bring revenge on the criminals that had ratted him out. They hadn't gone on too many missions under Castellan, effectively only stealing technology for the Nightrunner. Castellan had given the Valed Deceit a prototype for the Nightrunner, one incredibly advanced but lacking in a few areas of technomagic compared to the first official model, one that would fall to the hands of Jinx.   Eventually, the Valed Deceit played a role in Castellan's defeat of the Black Dawn, a mission that would be their last. Malia disguised herself as a fake sister of Castellan's, revealing herself for a final fight. Within seconds of the fight breaking out, Vale was crushed to death under the weight of a boulder by Tarik Gamathanki, bringing an end to Milo Vale.


Milo went though very expensive private schools and advanced music courses, all being payed for by his parents. Despite this, much of the information went out one ear and out the other. He earned some modest C's and forgot much of the information (except for his musical talent) after leaving home.


Before leaving home, Milo started making money as a performer in local bars and taverns, and even managed to get himself a few gigs at certain spots. These locations began to get more and more "underground" and bled into the criminal industry. After his parents found out an he left home, he fully dove into a life of crime in which he still operates today.


Contacts & Relations

Milo operated solely in a duo, the Valed Deceit, save for a few periods with the Black Dawn or Virelios Castellan. Milo has not contacted or been affilitated with his family or the Venomshroud gang since starting his own life.

Family Ties

Milo hasn't spoken to his parents after leaving his home, relationship was almost nonexistent in the first place.

Social Aptitude

Vale is famously flashy and extroverted, able to easily captivate people in performance. This knack for captivation and performance often lends itself to an advantage in crime.

Handsome but dangerous drow bard of the Valed Deceit, Milo Vale made a name for himself as the most famous musical criminal in Valland. His death came about at the hands of his one-time allies, the Black Dawn.

Current Location
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Rebel Neutral
Date of Birth
Eldathum 8th, 548 AP
Date of Death
12th of Silvamber, 575 AP
548 AP 575 AP
Circumstances of Death
Milo Vale was the first of the Valed Deceit to die by the hands of the Black Dawn, along with her girlfriend, Malia Deceit, and his boss, Virelios Castellan.
Silvis, Valland.
Current Residence
None, deceased
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
160 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Undercommon, Infernal.
Theme Song


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