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Valtar Illistyn

The Sniper

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Valtar Illistyn was born into the lower class of Elaria, into a terribly poor moon elven family. From his young age, he had a knack for two things; stealth and accuracy. The moment he turned 20 he moved to northern Valland by himself, at which point he would join the military as an aimless young adult.   His time in the military lended his natural talents towards being a trained sniper. He quickly moved up the ranks as the most incredibly gifted marksman in the military, until he was given a top secret promotion.   Illistyn was recruited into Project Cleanup, a top-secret Vallandian project tasked with building a team of elite mercenaries to "clean up" Valland's rampant criminal underworld. He was the third member to be recruited, behind Alathar Casper and Arkaeus Boulderstrike.   By the time Valtar was recruited, he had 115 confirmed kills in the military. This number far more than doubled during his time as the Slicers, being the sole sniper and marksman of the group. Not many had known what Valtar actually looked like, masked or otherwise, as they would be dead before he would ever miss a shot and give away his position.   Valtar's days came to an end on Silvamber 15th, after his mission to topple the Inferno by impersonating the Allseer, a member of Jako Blackwater's Knights. This mission was brought to an end after discovery from the Black Dawn, at which they engaged Valtar and a group of Inferno traitors along the dunes of the wasteland. The fight ended in several deaths, notably Valtar Illistyn and Jako Blackwater. Valtar was the second Slicer to die at the hands of the Black Dawn.


Before his service in the Vallandian military, Valtar was barely able to pay for things with a few scattered jobs he could find in the lower class. He then moved on to the military, in which he would be granted several promotions until being recruited into the Slicers.
Neutral Impure
Date of Death
Silvamber 15th, 575
361 AP 575 AP
Circumstances of Death
Valtar Illistyn was killed by King Daedalus of the Inferno, during the Black Dawn's plight to eliminate the Slicers.
Dark blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, blue tinge
160 lbs
Aligned Organization


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