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Session X: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

General Summary

The Black Dawn began their long drive to Reagarr after getting away from the Vallandian police, spending a few days on the road with the help of the Nightrunner. Upon arrival, they started a meeting with only Jako Blackwater, relaying that they might have an imposter among the Inferno. Jako had his own problems to deal with; the heart of the wastes, ground zero for Criella Hope's explosion, had been creating horrifically dangerous monsters of flame.   The Black Dawn made their way further into the desert to meet with the other Knights of the Inferno and to try to find the Slicer. Not much turned up from their investigations, the gang members and knights leaving to meet up with Jako Blackwater at ground zero. After a while, Daedalus found the rotting body of the Allseer, one of Jako's knights, tucked away in the back of a cave. The Allseer had worn an amulet around his neck, holding as much of his life force as was needed to maintain his pact with Blackrazor without the sword instantly knowing of his death. The Black Dawn raced out of the cave to intercept the traitorous group of Inferno gangsters before they could overthrow and possibly kill Jako.   A car chase/battle across the scorching desert ensued, the Black Dawn, Blackwater, and his knights against Valtar Illistyn and his men. The combat resulted in their victory, although not before they ran into a Balor that had clawed its way out of the Great Crater. The Balor had smashed the front of Jako Blackwater's truck, flipping the vehicle over and sending the leader of the Inferno, as well as Blackrazor, into the flaming pit.   Jako Blackwater had been presumably burnt alive, falling into what could have been a wormhole into some ancient forgotten realm. Although it could not be recovered, Blackrazor was still alive, and its pacts with the Inferno would be maintained. Daedalus and the Black Dawn left to erase the rest of the Slicers, agreeing to return as the King of the Inferno in Blackwater's place as the head of the knights.
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
24 Jun 2021
Primary Location


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