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Arkaeus Boulderstrike

The Bull (a.k.a. The Kalleian Minotaur)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Arkaeus has been building his strength over the course of his entire life, so he is immensely strong and resilient.

Body Features

Arkaeus has a metal right arm, which aids in powerful blows and strength-demanding activity. The arm is quick and powerful, aiding him in taking out his targets quickly and efficiently.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Arkaeus Boulderstrike is the 544 incarnation of the Kalleian Minotaur, one of many different lifetimes of the same being. This is the very same overarching being that was killed by the Protectors, but as the legend goes, each incarnation of the minotaur returns with more potential than the last. The Monsters of Kalleia, after a devastating loss at the hands of the Protectors, were also victim to the Malrithian invasions following the Protectors' exile and the Magician's silencing of the gods. The Monsters had to fight against being captured, at which point Arkaeus was stolen as a toddler by a Malrithian soldier and taken in as one of the beasts in their arena. He quickly fought his way to the top, defeating the likes of many wyrmlings, dinosaurs and monsters of many types to become their prized combatant, often being fed by sacrifice. Eventually, this enslavement led to Arkaeus's built-up rage motivating him to fight through Malrithian troops to escape the country, losing his right arm and barely escaping with his life.   Aimlessly wandering throughout the lands, a Vallandian cargo shipment came across him lying unconscious. The cargo driver took him into a hospital in Valland and unbeknownst to Arkaeus, government doctors would attach an arcanotech prosthetic to him, part of a classified experiment. Additionally, they also brought Arkaeus back from the dead, being proclaimed dead for 6 days (also unbeknownst to Arkaeus). When he woke up, he immediately tried to escape the government facility with his unnaturally powerful prosthetic, nearly succeeding in slaughtering everyone in the room until falling victim to magnets that pinned his arm to the ceiling.   From there, Vallandian military government officials coerced Arkaeus into joining a top secret government program known then as Project Cleanup, the ultimate criminal deterrent. Having never had a purpose in life, Arkaeus accepted, and began training with his prosthetic to become a deadly mercenary.   Arkaeus was initially supposed to be a solo act, a deadly mercenary tasked with braving the criminal world of Valland alone, until Project Cleanup received more funding to recruit more members. Arkaeus remained the most respected and de facto leader of the group, running hundreds of missions with his new teammates.   Arkaeus Boulderstrike finally met his demise in 575, as he engaged in a battle (prophesized as a reoccurring battle between Arkaeus' reincarnations and Tarik Gamathanki's reincarnations) with Tarik Gamathanki of the Black Dawn. He was the third Slicer to meet their end at the hands of the Black Dawn, this version of the Minotaur finally dying Silvamber 25th, 575.


The only real employment Boulderstrike had was as a Slicer.

Mental Trauma

Arkaeus knows little of civility and restraint, as throughout the majority of his life, he has only known gore, bloodshed, a lack of anyone to love or appreciate him, battle, injury, and death. Unfortunately for his targets, this background of trauma makes him the ultimate killing machine.
Moral Impure
Date of Death
Silvamber 25th, 575 AP
544 AP 575 AP
Circumstances of Birth
He was born during Kalleian orc attacks after his previous iteration's death, taken in by the Spartan military and trained as a soldier.
Circumstances of Death
Arkaeus Boulderstrike was killed in prophesized combat by the Stonebreaker, known in this iteration as Tarik Gamathanki.
The Outlands of Kalleia
Current Residence
Dark red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Thick, black fur
700 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Arkaeus knows Common, Orc, and Kalleian. He had started to learn Undercommon from his fellow Slicers before his death.


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